Chapter 5- Trouble When You Walked In

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You fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.


Chapter 5- Trouble When You Walked In


'Unless you want some couple to come in here while you're here. They'll be too drunk to care whether you're in the toilet or not.' Asher replies.

He crosses his arms and shoots me an arrogant smirk. His presence fills the room. Its like a subtle commanding aura. I glare at him.

'That part I understand. I'm a little confused as to why you had to come in with me.' I counter.

'Just doing my duty to keep you out of trouble.' He answers.

I raise an eyebrow.

'As you saw with Fred, I can take care of myself.' I say.

What does he think I am? Some kind of helpless damsel in distress?

'I invited you. I'm responsible for your safety.' He shrugs.

I shoot him an irritated look.

'Hey, I'm not trying to be alpha male here. I'm just looking out for you.' He says gently.

I scrutinize his expression and see that he's being honest. He's just worried about my safety. He's not trying to exert some male dominance over me so I relent.

'You're out here and I'm in there. There's not much you can do to protect me from the toilet monster.' I joke, gesturing the the toilet.

'I could come with you if you want.' He suggests, his dark gaze taking me in from head to toe.

I should feel panicked that I'm locked in a bedroom with a someone who is most likely a delinquent and that he's giving me the look but instead a warm flush rises up my chest and my cheeks heat up.

'I think I can handle myself against the toilet monster.' I squeak, averting my gaze.

A lazy smirk tugs at his lips. My heart stops for a millisecond.

Oh God. This boy is trouble.

I hurriedly escape the charged environment. I breath a sigh of relief once I'm inside the toilet and away from his heated gaze.

I turn on the tap to mask the sound of me peeing.

This is so awkward.

I'm thoroughly aware of his presence even though a closed door separates us.

Why didn't I lock it?

Even though I didn't lock the door, I know he's not going to do anything underhanded. Asher isn't the type. Motorcycle gang member or not, he's honorable and somewhat of a gentleman.

I quickly finish my business, wash my hands and head out before he thinks the toilet monster really did get to me and come in after me even though there's no such thing.

'All done.' I say as I close the toilet door behind me.

The atmosphere is still slightly charged and the look he gives me is impossible to interpret. I can't guess what he's thinking.

He opens the door and gestures for me to exit before him.

'Wait.' He says, angling his body so the space is too small for me to pass through without brushing a good part of me against him.

He's standing so close I inhale his scent in every breath I take. A blush spreads across my cheeks and nervous butterflies flutter in my stomach.

'What?' I ask in a breathy whisper.

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