Chapter 3

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I'm amazed when I look at you. Not just because of your looks but because of the fact that everything I've ever wanted is right in front of me.


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'Hey!' Brenda calls out jogging to catch up with me.

'You look rough. Bad night?' She asks, falling into step with me.

'Didn't get much sleep.' I yawn.

'Why not? We don't have any assignments due.' She says. 'Do we?'

'We don't. I was up late working on a new painting I started a few days ago.' I say, rubbing my eyes to clear the remnants of drowsiness.

'Okay. What are you working on?' She asks, pulling a ChapStick out of her bag.

I stiffen.

'Just some portrait.' I reply as deceptively casual as I can manage.

'How was your night?' I quickly change the subject.

'Quiet. Nun-ish.' She shrugs.

'The strangest thing happened to me some nights ago.' I say.


'Someone came knocking but when I answered the door, no one was there. Just a piece of paper.'

'What was on the paper?' She frowns.

'Leave. Whoever dropped it off printed "Leave" on it.' I reply.

'Sounds fishy

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'Sounds fishy.' She frowns.

'Maybe.' I shrug. 'I think it's just a prank. Maybe someone's trying to scare me out of the apartment.'

'What did you do with the paper?' She asks.

'I chucked it out.' I lie smoothly.

I hid it in under my bed actually.

'You should've kept it just in case whoever it is starts harassing you. You're going to need evidence to show the cops.' She says.

'I'm sure its nothing. It probably won't happen again. Where's Tom anyway?' I ask, glancing around as if he might suddenly appear around the corner.

'Probably hooking up with some chick in the janitor's closet.' She shrugs, stuffing the ChapStick back in her bag.

'You're kidding.' I reply.

'Already caught him doing that twice so its a very high probability.' She says absentmindedly, scanning the lunch crowd in the quad.

'My God.' Is all I can manage.

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