[Arc 1] Ch. 3 Our Son

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"My name is Vandiver Reynis Ti'en. Although I am of low noble birth, recently I was an Adventurer until I met Lady Amelia. At first glance, I fell madly in love with her. I am not good with words, ask anyone here, and they will tell you precisely why I am not fit in the houses of nobles. But I love Amelia, I have spent the last month navigating the noble court. I've been laughed at, poisoned, stabbed, and recently..." I turned behind me and counted to floors to the window I crashed through.

"... I fell from a five-story window. I am owed a boon for saving your son's wife, and in light of the circumstances there are probably a lot more practical things to ask for... like my life after I crashed your party. But there is only one thing I want and have ever intended to ask for. I have only myself and a small plot of land to offer. But I would like Amelia's hand in marriage!"

This isn't good. I'm losing focus. I'm teetering a little bit too. I wonder how much longer I can stay conscious.

Not long, apparently, I tipped over and passed out right then and there. A bold move by yours truly. To make such a commotion and ask for a favor, I should have readily been exiled if not killed.

Three days later I awoke in the Healer's room in the castle, my injuries had been fully treated with magic.

The person who greeted me was none other than my Amelia. The king who is often bored by formalities, and was quite entertained by my display. When the healer revealed my condition when I kneeled before him the king judged my feelings truly sincere and granted my boon on the condition Amelia would have me. She accepted on the spot.

Two weeks later we were married and shipped off to my little slice of paradise.

It turns out that Amelia loves Adventurers. She knows she's too soft to live the hardened lifestyle of slaying monsters, but when I tell her of my exploits she is always shining in anticipation.

Back to the start of my story Amelia is currently pregnant with my child. That's right I'm going to be a Daddy! When she told me I cried I was so happy.

Year of the Phoenix 1254. Our daughter Genevie was born premature and died. She had blonde hair just like mine...

Year of the Phoenix 1256. My wife is pregnant again. We are very anxious, but excited. We know that not every baby born lives. We also learn Calypso is pregnant both of them should give birth about the same time. But there is a problem.

Calypso is Prince Bastion's second wife, a concubine. Although he treats both of his wives as equals and loves them dearly it doesn't change status. His first wife gave birth to a daughter. If Calypso gives birth to a boy... well let's just say that I lived in the capitol long enough to know that he won't last long even if he is healthy.

Six months later, Amelia had a miscarriage. She cried for days, apologizing to me. To me. Of all people, I'm supposed to protect you from this kind of pain. Why do I feel so helpless?

The atmosphere around our house is... dry. Amelia is strong and tries to put on a brave face for my sake. But she never leaves the house anymore. When I walk through town everyone asks how the pregnancy is going. I deflect, I don't have the heart to spread gossip like that. I feel like it's all I can do to protect her. Only her closest friends in the town know and they have their lips sealed as well.

One month later a letter arrives from Calypso. It's delivered by one of her personal butlers in disguise. She's calling in a favor. I really big one it seems, since I'm told it's only for me. She's heard about the miscarriage and wants me to be as vague as possible about Amelia's condition. She had a separate letter sent to Amelia with condolences and the such. But for me some of the contents are a bit much.

The politics in the capitol are getting worse and there are whispers of war. She wants us to raise her child, especially if it is a boy. She calculates that since her and her sister's children would have been born at the same time she wants Amelia to fake the remainder of her pregnancy. When the baby is born it will be delivered into our care until the foreseeable future. If possible, she'd like the baby to live a full happy life outside the worries of the court, and if they decide they want to claim their birthright they can when they reach that age.

My heart is heavy, but I send my response; I will protect my family. She'll get the message. I will treat her child like it is my own.

Another month passes, and Amelia is lively again. She's on board and is wearing loose clothing and doesn't go outside but there is a new light in her.

Another month passes, and Amelia is getting anxious again. She wonders around the house looking for things to clean. Our maid Hilda just rolls her eyes. When this happens, I find Amelia and wrap my arms around her in a loving embrace. She fights it but calms down if I hold her long enough.

"Master, Madam! A carriage has just pulled up!" Hilda calls to us from the first floor.

We look at each other and then rush outside.

A wet nurse from the capitol, a confidant of Calypso hands Amelia a small bundle. A boy with black fur, a beautiful healthy boy!

Sebas Asmos Ti'en. First born son of the kingdom. Born of a concubine, he is still first in line for the throne if the first wife doesn't produce a healthy heir.

My wife cries, I embrace her and cry myself. I don't care about politics from this moment on, this is our son. 

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