[Arc 1] Ch. 10 King Rollo

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Zorlo ran past about an hour ago. I found a small nook at the top of a tall tree. I know I'm safe here not just from the monsters of the forest but from the beast Jules too. Maybe tomorrow she'll be gone.

I am never going back to the town again. Never ever.


Another hour and it is starting to get dark. I think I will just fall asleep here.

My ear catches a sound.

I peek out of my hidey-hole and see the beast. She's even followed me into the forest!

"Oh nyo, Hilda! Zorlo! Scardy baby! Is anyone there! NYAAAH!" Jules cries out.

Did she come into the forest alone? That's not good, lots of monsters come out here in the night.

Snf snf.

Blood? Oh no her face is scratched up. They are going to come straight after her.

Zorlo, hurry and come pick her up, she's in danger!

Snf snf.

Oh no, it's too late.

Putrid green humanoid forms that looked like deformed men wearing scraps of leather and carrying clubs and knives begin to surround her. Goblins. Nasty little creatures they aren't very strong on their own, which is why they hunt in groups.

"Eek NYO! Please. Nyo. Somebody, anybody save me. Nyah." The beast cowers.

No, the girl is cornered.

The sounds of her crying woke me from my trauma filled selfish haze.

Her name is Jules, and she is a girl that is only three years old... and she's about to be killed!

A fire burns within me. I am stronger than her, and I'm stronger then them. I am the only one who can save her.

The next thing I know is that I am in Olympic runner position in front of her, between her and the surrounding Goblins. instinctively, raising my tails in the air and baring my teeth, I give the goblins pause.

"I won't let you hurt her!" I snarl my fiercest at the goblins.

This is the same feeling I had when I defended mama. I am not helpless anymore. I will use all my power to protect her.

"You're in our way, fox boy. That female is ours now." The ugliest goblin growls.

"Take her from me if you dare." A beastial growl is coming from deep in my throat. This part animal thing is really getting into my head.... I think I might have just claimed Jules as my mate.

That doesn't matter, right now it's me versus them. 

Instinct is taking over my senses.

There are seven goblins. I've never fought an enemy before, but I feel like I can win. No, I will win. I have no more doubts. Taking in my surrounding I plot my course of action. 

I hiss and then launch myself at the goblin leader. He isn't expecting me to be that fast. I grab him by the throat and embed him in the tree behind him. Leaping in the air I spin my entire body I create a whirl-ring with all four of my limbs and send them flying at the goblins, three were instant kills and blood sprays everywhere as those three are cut clean through.

I use the acrobatics I've been practicing, to charge one that dodged the whirl-ring. I narrowly avoid his club and spin to kick him in the neck. Just before it strikes I used a burst to give my foot more momentum.

I send him flying, but not before I felt the bones in his neck break.

I've never kicked anyone like that. but the adrenaline is keeping me from processing it. It was instinct that drove me forward, I spun while in the air and almost crash landed on the ground as i reoriented my body.

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