Foxtails 1 is just the beginning of the adventure.

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This has been your first taste of the Foxtails Series. 

I hope you have enjoyed foxtails, many more adventures await Sebas. Currently Foxtails 1 is on Tapas under a Pay-to-read format in order to help feed me and make a little extra money to be able to bring you regularly scheduled content. Like my Pearly Series and the Latest chapters of Foxtails 2, both here on wattpad. 

I have even begun a new story on my Patreon where the reader is given choices in order to help drive and impact the story as it progresses. 

Please consider supporting me by continuing to read Foxtails on Tapas, and becoming a Patreon Pirate on my Patreon.

The next couple of chapters are free on tapas if you want to just check out what happens right after this fight. 

And coming this November 2nd (2019), all of the chapters that have been posted on tapas will be available for free. So you didn't hear this part from me but... this is your chance to cheat the system. Go read Foxtails and enjoy the journey. 

Many of you probably have mixed feelings about only part of Foxtails being uploaded and the rest being Pay-to-read, but when you chase your dreams you got to take some chances. So I'm braving my own storms and the people at tapas have been really cool the entire time I've been working with them. 

So keep chasing your dreams because I'm going to keep chasing mine. 

And may the winds of fortune ever fill your sails. 

-The Captain.

** ** ** 

P.S. For those of you curious about the future... 

-Sebas Asmos Ti'en

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-Sebas Asmos Ti'en

-16 years old

The man who uses kings as stepping stones and defies all logic. Foxtails 1 is only his origin story. Everything else is an adventure unlike any you've seen before. 

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