[Arc 1] Ch. 8 Third Birthday

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Zorlo Bluecoast

I've been watching Sebas's growth for over a year now. He thinks he's sneaky, but my credentials surpass his a few thousand years over. However, at his rate of growth I can't help but feel he'll surpass me before he reaches his twentieth summer.

To call him a genius is not quite right. Reckless monster is more like it. I still remember when he kicked himself in the nose while using a chantless air bullet with his foot. Air bullet is a strong non-lethal attack that's quick and easy to cast. At first, I couldn't figure out what he was doing. Or how he was doing it.

Chantless magic is a high-level technique that only a dozen have ever mastered to a practical degree in the modern generation. But he uses it like he's breathing. I know nobody in this house taught him chants or magic. I'm the only mage of any worth in this house. Amelia can heat water and use basic detoxification spells. Van is a muscle headed swordsman and uses the typical body strengthening technique that mixes with magic after lots of physical training and sword mastering. Iliza is about on par with Amelia, and Hilda has nothing to speak of.

I ran a test. I used healing magic on his nose and waited to see if he could master it just by seeing it.

He did.

I decide to keep his activities to myself, if Amelia found out her worrying would stifle the child's growth. And whether he becomes an adventurer like he dreams or the crown prince he'll need this rough and tumble exploratory experience.

I can't say I'm never impressed by this child. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body. Yet I see him crash time and time again, running? I think he's trying to develop a way to run faster. But no matter how many times he fails he picks up his tiny bloodied body and tries again.

It takes him almost a year to master running on all fours, not just along the ground but through the air itself. The smile I see on his face is priceless, he's flying. I remember when I was a child I also dreamed of flying by own power, but this child he pulled it off.

I have what is known as a demon eye, there a several different kinds. Mine allows me see magic. I can see invisible enemies or even through walls if I have to. Every night when the rest of the house is asleep, he persists, then in the morning he trains with his father for a time.

This 'Gaia' person still eludes me, but since his hasn't mentioned them since 'that' day I won't scare him by prying. It is very possible that Gaia is a powerful spirit that has granted this boy extraordinary potential.

If this Gaia is not a benevolent spirit... no my job is to protect Sebas and encourage his growth. so far there has been no malevolence surrounding him. If we are lucky he'll be one of the next great heroes like those in the legends.

Once he mastered running through the air, he began developing attack magic. It is still chantless and has no form like the orthodox methods the world uses. It is possible that he has an innate understanding of magical concepts and doesn't need a prescribed formula to draw out his magics potential.

No, that appears to be exactly the case.

I can't hide my smile anymore. If he can do this much with only wind magic, then who knows what he could do with the other three elemental types. I'd be more worried, but he hasn't become arrogant in the slightest and he is always careful to avoid hurting the defenseless wild life.

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