[Arc 1] Ch. 6 Training Begins

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Three months later.

I've been careful not to use magic or do anything suspicious. Zorlo has been smiling a lot more. And if that wasn't scary enough, he's been watching me a lot closer lately.

I usually have to wait until night, but I discovered that I don't need to chant to summon wind magic, now that I've gotten a handle on it. But if I fire it then it would make a big noise. So I just make it swirl between my hands until I get tired. Every night I can do it longer and longer.

Mama has also been especially clingy lately. I guess I gave her quite the scare, so I actively hang around her to calm her nerves. I've never been hugged so much, but I really like it. It's really nice to have a proper mom.

Papa has also been around more, I even find him writing now. I've realized that he is a very clumsy man. He is really not good at much, but he is fun to play with. When he started I would climb up in his lap and watch him. This was how I slowly... very slowly learned how to read.

I think mama got jealous because she started reading to me. When papa was done writing he would come and join us on the couch.

Is this what it means to be a family? My heart has never been so warm and happy.


It is summer again. I am able to move more freely now. Both my body and around the house. Zorlo has been extra vigilant whenever I go outside. I am no longer in a crib which gives me more freedom. I decide it's time to start doing something productive.

Papa does training in the mornings he swings his sword around until he is steaming with sweat.

I make it out side with him today through our new, slightly crooked, back door.

He looks at me, but lets me come without saying anything.

Papa makes his stance, and I do the same.

He grips his sword in front of him. I grip the air like I'm hold a sword.

He swings, I swing. He steps, I step. I followed his lead for most of the morning until I got tired. But in all seriousness, I must have fallen more times than I can count, I am just a toddler after all.

"My two big strong men, it's breakfast time!" mama calls us from the house.


The next day I run down the stairs and find papa waiting by the back door. We went outside together, but before we go to his usual spot he goes around the house and picks up a tiny wooden sword.

"I'm not good for much, but I was able to whip this up if for you." Papa held it out to me.

My eyes sparkled. I ran into his legs and gave him a big hug. "Thank you, papa."

That day we practiced, but I caught a glimpse of mama in the window crying while biting down on a handkerchief. When we came in she inspected me all over for cuts or bruises.

Okay mama, this is just getting ridiculous.

"Mama, I'm fine I didn't even go anywhere." I say as she is spinning me around trying to lift up my shirt.

"That doesn't mean there's not bugs or snake bites." She tried to justify herself.

I pull my shirt down and place my small hands on her cheeks and squished her face together. "Mama!"

She stopped fussing.

"Have more faith in papa."

Mama shoulders sagged. "Okay..." she said defeated.

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