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Charlie's pov:

"And so that woman took the last Prada handbag.... "

Chloe was ranting about how her shopping trip went during our fan meet. Apparently, our manager found out about what happened the night before and ordered me to bring Chloe out on a date.

I was zoning out and staring through Chloe when suddenly a small little girl came up to us with a phone.

"Hello, Charlie *giggles*, my sister told me to show you this. " the little girl said while pointing to a much older girl, about 17 at the table next to ours.

At first I thought she just wanted an picture but was too shy to ask so I took the phone but...

@suhtorii goodbye

Appeared on the screen

Then the older sister walked towards us and asked me, " Is everything alright? Where's Leo going?"

"I have no idea, " I said. "Thanks for your help- Emily! "

I started running out of the restaurant with Chloe shouting for me behind.

I can't lose Leondre,

not today

the idea of him leaving me brought tears to my eyes

I can't lose my best friend

I shouldn't have gone out with Chloe today, or even started dating her

I couldn't let Leo leave without knowing the truth

I can't let the person I love,
go just like that

As I rushed into our room, I heard "Hold on" by Chord Overstreet play from the bathroom. It was a habit of Leo to play songs while showering.

He's still here.

I burst into the unlocked bathroom

Loving and fighting
Accusing, denying
I can't imagine a world with you gone
The joy and the chaos, the demons we're made of
I'd be so lost if you left me alone
You locked yourself in the bathroom

what I was met with, broke my heart

blood seeped out from his wrists all the way up to his arms
his lips, blue from the cold water
the water, red from his misery

Lying on the floor when I break through
I pull you in to feel your heartbeat
Can you hear me screaming, "please don't leave me"

I brought his cold body towards mine
so that I could provide him a little warmth, even if it's just a bit.

"Leo! Stay awake, okay?! I'm here, I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry! If anything happens to you, it's all my fault! I love you so much,baby " I choked on my tears, pulling out my phone to call the ambulance.

Hold on, I still want you
Come back, I still need you
Let me take your hand, I'll make it right
I swear to love you all my life
Hold on, I still need you

the ambulance finally arrived and laid his cold, lifeless body on a stretcher, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, Leo. I love you so much. So much. " I said as I put my lips against him, tasting the saltiness of my tears and the bitterness of guilt.

"His pulse is getting slower! John! Perform CPR right away! " I heard one  paramedic say to the other.

He was leaving me.

"LEONDRE, please come back to me"
I shouted and whispered in agony as the paramedics tried to save him.

"I'm sorry for your loss"

While I waited in the waiting area for Leo's surgery to end, I met a family of three who was doing the same but unfortunately the doctor came out, bearing bad news.

"We really did try our best, I'm sorry for your loss" the surgeon said monotonously as if he had said it many times today.

the family left in grief and despair.

Leaving me with my paranoid mind.

What if the doctor says the same thing to me about Leo?

I'm as well as useless without Leo
Melody with no Bars
Charlie with no Leo

"Family of Leondre Devries? "

"Yes, I am! "

"Well, he's fine now. Just in a medical induced coma. "

"Thank you doctor! " I said, relieved.

Leo's pov:

"-so you got to wake up, " I heard a voice out of nowhere

Something about the desperation in this voice willed me to open my eyes.
I tried to open my eyes, but my eyelids felt awfully heavy.

"I love you so much, Leondre. Always will. So wake up and let me beg for forgiveness. "

With those words, I gathered the strength to open my eyes.

But when I did, I was met with-

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