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Leo's pov:

I woke up to Charlie's arms wrapped around my waist, his legs tangled in mine and his breath tickled the back of my neck. I slowly turned around so that I could see his face but made sure I didn't wake him up.

His blue eyes
His messy, tousled bed hair
How can someone look so sexy when they're asleep?
His lean chest and toned muscles exposed for me to admire

wait- blue eyes? How can i-?

"Good morning, Leo? Should I be worried that I just got eye raped early in the morning? " he said, obviously holding back laughter.

"Oh my, how embarrassing" I moaned into the pillow, covering my red face.

"It's nothing to be embarrassed about, after all you're my boyfriend. This is yours" he said

did he ju-
did I hear that correctly?

"Boyfriend? " I said hesitantly.

He froze for a while, and nodded shyly. "Only if you want though! " he added quickly .

"So you're okay if I say no? " I teased.

"What? No no no, okay let me rephrase that; Leondre will you be my boyfriend? I promise I will cherish you all my life and make you happy. But if you don't think I can, just rip the band aid. "

"I will, and was that a vow? It's not like we're getting married, "

"one day, we will" Charlie whispered under his breath, so softly I almost let that slip. I'm glad I didn't.

I smiled to myself

"I'm going to take a shower, want to come? " I said Charlie with a convincing face, I hope.

"Wait, really? " he said surprised, probably by my bold offer.

"No, " I said bursting into fits of laughing.

"Cruel, you're such a tease. "

"I'll be downstairs for breakfast, come soon! " Charlie hollered, closing the door.


"Are you not showering? " I said to Charlie who's face was buried in cereal.

"I don't shower in the mornings, you know that"

I brought the cereal over to my side, to find it empty, "Charlie! My cereal"

"Oops sorry lion but that's for being a tease. "

There was nothing left, I have to ask our manager to restock the fridge soon.

Bananas were the only thing left, how great.

an idea popped into my head.
two can play at this game.

I peeled the banana and put half of it in my mouth, sucking and licking it from the bottom to the top, with him watching and looking straight into my eyes.

"stop it, Leo" he said, panting after a while.

"What? Why? I'm just eating this innocent banana cause there's nothing left for me to eat"

I continued my teasing, as low groans and hisses escaped his mouth.

I was enjoying it until he came to me and lifted me onto his lap, right on his prominent erection. The action brought out a moan from me.

We stayed there grinding on each other, as our heavy breaths mingled with each other's.

"Yes, a reservation for two, 7pm sharp. Bye" we heard Chloe coming nearer and I quickly pushed myself off of Charlie, hissing in frustration.

"Hey baby, we're having dinner at 7pm today. Dress fancy"

"Chloe-" he tried to say

"I have not brought up what happened last night and if I do, be ready to explain to your manager. " she said with venom in her words as she stared at me.

She pulled Charlie into a kiss with tongues and all while looking at me, triumphantly.

Of course I couldn't stand to see that bitch with my boyfriend but what could I do, We're not out yet. And with Chloe,

anyways what did Chloe mean when she said Charlie had to answer to our manager?

"Leo.. "

"I think we should stop this" I said heartbrokenly.

"What? Why? We just started, " Charlie asked, deep down knowing why.

"It's good that we end it off right here, right now especially when both of us aren't in too deep yet." I said ,trying to hold back the river threatening to flow down my cheeks any minute now. Such a liar, I am.

"Well, it's too late! I'm already in love with you, Leo!"

Charlie loves me?

how long have I waited to hear him say that?
How long?

"No, we can't do this. I can't stand seeing Chloe kissing you and not being able to push her away and claim you cause you're not entirely mine! " I said frustratedly, tugging my hair as tears dropped onto my cheeks.

"And what was Chloe talking about just now anyways? "

"Leo... please..I can't."

"we are done" I said those words that was completely different from the other three words I wanted to say out so badly.

I love you

and they will never be said
other than in my heart.

I'm so sorry for the late, long overdue chapter. It's a short one, again, I'm sorry as well as for not keeping to my words. School has been hectic especially with national exams right around the corner:/

see you in the next chapter;)


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