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Charlie's pov

something's been wrong with Leo lately and I don't know what was it which was kind of a first cause Leo tells me everything, well until now.

"Hey baby, you did great today!",my girlfriend said, breaking my train of thought before smashing her lips on mine.
"Chlo, I'm not really in the mood now"
I told her before gently pushing her off of me.
"What, why? You never reject my kisses before, " she said frustratedly.
"You know what? I don't care what's wrong with you right now, let's just take a picture together so I can post it online. " I rolled my eyes at what she said but (unwillingly) looked at her camera.
"Done? I'm going to look for Leo now, bye" I told her and left, not waiting for an answer.
Why am I even dating her?
oh right, for publicity and to shut down rumours.


"Sup, my dear manager, may I ask what's more important than playing Mario Kart with Leo?" I questioned our manager, Blair when he subtly waved me over, trying not to catch Leo's attention.

"well, there's been a rumour about you and Leo circulating around lately and both fans and haters have brought this to social media. "

"sooo? What's the rumor? It can't be that bad, "

"Apparently, your strong friendship have been mistaken by the fans and now they think you're dating Leo."

"What's your point? Does it really matter? "

"Of course it does! Your fan base is mostly made up of girls and if they know you guys are "taken", much worse; gay. Then, we are basically done for."

"What's the problem with us being gay, you homop- what do you suggest then, there must be something other than this you wanted to talk about. "
I stopped myself before i would say something I know I'd regret.

"The company will found you a girl, Chloe to date, so basically hang out in public, do whatever normal couples do. Oh and also minimize the hugging, kissing and whatnot with Leo. Easy. "

"Why force others to do this? "

"Oh trust me, she was more than happy to accept this offer. "

"And what if I refuse? "

"We'll drop you, the company can easily find a loophole in the contract."

I can't let that happen ,being on BGT and pursuing music was Leo's dream. I can't ruin it for him.

"Fine, I'll do it. "

"Okay, great! "

"Hey Charl, where'd you go? I missed you. " Leo came to me, giving me a hug.

"I've only been gone for- oh it's been half an hour already. "

Leo nodded and pouted.

Damn that pout is so cute, those li-

where's your mind gone, Charlie Lenehan?

Realizing Leo's arm was still wrapped around my waist, I gently push them off.

"Hey Lion, we can't hug or kiss much anymore, "

"Huh, b-but why? " Leo asked, with his innocent, nutella-coloured eyes, his lips trembling. "Don't you love me anymore? "

"Of course I do! It's just that I'm in love with somebody else. "
As much as I don't want to say it, I did. And as those words passed my lip, my heart ached.

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