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Leo's pov:

*warning* (one word: smut)

I pushed Charlie onto the bed while peppering his neck with butterfly kisses all the way down to his collarbone.

Going back up again, this time, marking him with dark hickeys on the clear canvas of his skin.

I started to bite Charlie's neck and leave dark red hickeys. I loved biting Charlie's neck, the respond he got was always so arousing,
Charlie whimpered every time i bit a little too hard.

He's mine.
I wouldn't need to see him kiss someone else ever again.

Only I could.

I slipped under the covers and wasting no time, pulling Charlie's pants down revealing his huge member.

I held his hips, sucking on the tip of his half-hard erection at the same time. I looked up to see his eyes closed from pure ecstasy as I moved to take more of his shaft in his mouth.
"Leo-o let me-" he was cut off as I sucked harder, my lips enclosed tightly on his now hard dick, causing him to curse. Charlie watched me as I continue to bob my head back and forth. I felt him harden further as he let out low groans and moans. His earlier offer now at the back of his mind. I licked from the base to the tip and kissed the side of his shaft, sucking on it.
"Don't stop." I suppressed a smile as I slid it back into my mouth and continue sucking his shaft. "Mm fuck lion ," he pushed on his head harder, "Your mouth feels so fucking good."

I closed my eyes as I swallowed him until my nose was at his base. Charlie groaned when he felt my throat tighten around his tip. "Mmmm if you keep doing that- I'll-"

Charlie whined suddenly as i took him out of my mouth, licking his tip teasingly before saying, "I want you to fuck me."

"Are you sure, Leo? Like very sure? Cause I know you're a virgin and I want you to enjoy this a lot and I don't want you to regret this-"

"Charlie, I'm sure. " I said with finality in my voice.

"Well then we have to get this shorts off of you right? "

After my legs are free Charlie leans over me and gently places some kisses on my lips before starting to wander further down.

“You're so beautiful”, Charlie declares and I reply with a hot gasp as his hand touches my dick through the fabrics of the shorts.

My cheeks tinted red at the compliment.
Within seconds the shorts was gone and Charlie was licking my shaft.

 “Oh god.”, I gasp as my head falls back as well as my eyes and suddenly I was covered with hot heat in Charlie's sweet mouth.

 While he started giving me a very passionate blowjob I can't help but groan and open my eyes again. The view between my legs is so wonderful that I wouldn't want to miss it. My hands rest on Charlie's head while he rhythmically moves his head up and down and gives my dick the sensational feeling of his hot, wet tongue while sucking.

 My fingers run through the light hair and suddenly Charlie's eyes open and I can see an expression I've never seen before. He gestured to me to hand him the lube and while he slowly lets my hard and throbbing dick glide out of his mouth I reach for the lube.

"If it hurts stop me okay, I don't want to hurt you" Charlie said tenderly

“As long as you are not going to put all of your fingers in there at once...”, I let him know and softly breathe out.

 “No, I'm not gonna do that. But you understood me, right?”, Charlie asks with a sincere tone and I simply nod before I lay back my head again.

He leans forward and licks the whole length of my dick again, so I move my hips up a bit, not wanting that feeling to fade. While he licks and kisses my hot flesh all over and his left hand is still caressing my thighs, his right hand starts smearing the lube between my cheeks.

The first finger enters easily and a complete new feeling rushes through my body.
“Fuck that feels good.”, I gasped while he begins to move his index finger forth and back a bit.

As he slid his middle finger in and started to scissoring both fingers, stretching my tight hole, I let out a loud moan causing Charlie to smile.
"Oh fuck.”, I groan as he suddenly slides another finger deep inside me, hitting my prostate while at the same time taking my whole dick in his mouth. My hands cling in the bed sheet as my body suddenly jerks upwards.

When Charlie finally thought I was prepped enough, he took a condom from the bedside drawer. Ripping it open with his teeth which turns me on. He looks hot doing that, Sue me.

"You go on top, it'd be easier for you since it's your first time" Charlie told me.

"And remember if you feel like you've had enough, tell me okay? "

"Even though it's highly unlikely but okay Charlie, now fuck me hard. "
Before Charlie could protest, i had already hooked my thighs over his hips and was positioning myself. 

Third person's pov:(not that there was someone else there seeing them do the dirty;)

Charlie reached down and placed one hand on an ass cheek to spread them open as his other hand grabbed his shaft and pressed the tip against Leo's entrance, pushing it in slowly. "Mm-"

Leo squirmed on top of him and pushed down eagerly. Charlie gently lowered him all the way as Leo let out a sound of discomfort and "Ahh- You're so big."

Charlie smirked. "What's mine is yours," he joked as Leo started to move his hips up and down. "Shut up," he muttered as he looked down and focused. His lips tugged as he whined, obviously still struggling to take him, even though he claimed to be ready.

"Are you alright,would you like me to-"

"Charlie, I'm fine. Don't worry "

Leo bit his lip as it stretched him more.
Charlie's hands slid onto his hips and lifted him up, dragging out a long moan from his lips as he brought him back down and slowly sped up. His thrusts meeting Leo's movements halfway. Leo was moaning harder now, his fingers digging into his hips.

Charlie didn't wince as Leo's fingers broke his skin; he liked it. He will wear all of Leo's marks proudly, and loved having him in this state. Leo was panting and whining with every thrust but never begged him to stop.

"Mmm fuck you're so tight baby," Charlie picked up the pace as he heard his name leave Leo's lips several times. His lover suddenly moaned out, "Ahh, Charrlie!" His back arched and his fingers dragged along his skin, leaving several long lines. "More, more," he whined out. He felt stars everytime he thrusted all the way in and hit his prostate. It felt so good after these past weeks of being inactive.

"Fuck- Leo- I'm going to cum," he moaned out, holding him down as he filled him. He rode it out slowly as Leo moaned and cummed onto his stomach, clutching his hips.

They were both panting as Leo pulled up and off of him and laid down next to him. He stretched his arms out and around Leo, pulling him closer. "Mmm," his legs intertwined with his.

"You good? " Charlie asked, panting.

"Yea, I love you " Leo whispered.

"What? " Charlie wasn't sure he quite heard it right the first time.

"I love you" Leo said out louder this time, his lips tugging into a smile.

"I love you too, so much" it was a surreal moment and Charlie decided this was his favourite moment with Leo.

Hi guys!
I'm sorry if this chapter doesn't meet your expectations of a good smut but eh, I hope y'all like it. See you in the Epilogue! It's sad that this book is coming to an end, putting books down, be it reading or writing one; it's still difficult. So yea, I might be publishing more books later on in the year cause national exams are taking a toll on me and it ends early Nov?

Well anyways, thanks for reading!!


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