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Third person's pov:

For @ExcitedKolby

"What the fuck are you guys doing? Do you know how this could affect your career?!" Our manager screamed
at us once we went backstage.

"I don't see how this is a threat to our careers, the crowd loves us! " Charlie protested.

"Well, I'm sorry but until you two get through this, this phase, we won't be recording anymore. So go cleanse your sinful, dirtied minds before I make you! "

"You can't do this, we signed a contract! "

"And we can easily find a loophole. "
Our manager said proudly.

Leo who has been silent til now spoke up, "You homophobic fuck, we could easily find another company who would accept us as we are. The only party who suffers a loss is you and this homofuckingphobic company. Y'all can suck my dick but we won't blindly listen to you anymore. We have nothing to lose! Bring it on. " damn, was he pissed.

"Sir! "

"What now?! Can't you see we're engaged in a conversation right now?! "

"Your-your mics are st-still o-on" the tech guy, Ethan stuttered.

By now, the fans have heard us and already started cheering "Chardre" and booing our management.

"What?! Only now you're telling me?! ", he took a mic and went on stage trying to clear the air.

"Um I'm sorry that you have to hear that.. disturbing conversation. We would like to seek your understanding and patience until further notice and official announcements have been made. The meet and greet will be canceled. Thank you. " The whole stadium booed at him as he walked back with his head held high.

"What? Why did you call of the meet and greet?! "

"Because of your little show today, we decided to minimize your contact with fans for now before they start overwhelming you with questions, "

"Oh please like you care about us, you just want to save your ass and prevent  us from explaining to the fans. "

"Well anyways, since no other rooms are available because of the concert, many fans are staying here; the two of here have to share the same room for another night but I assure you the company will try to heal you by keeping the two of you as far away from each other as possible! "

'Blair! "

"What is it no- Mr Cowell, good morning! Is everything alright?"

"I know everything that has happened,no point in hiding."


"You have put many words into our company's mouth; "a phase"? , "cleanse your sinful, dirtied minds"? , "the company will heal you"?. None of it, I've ever said and you have the audacity to say it?! "

"But it's wrong sir, being gay is a sin! These faggots will only corrupt us and what will be of the next generation if this goes on? Homophobia is a sin! Faggots be gone! "

"Try coming up with a new word! I've heard that since I was 8!" Leo cheekily said.

"Remember the times we used to watch Harry Potter together, Blair? After so many times, haven't you learn from HP that no one deserves to stay in a closet" Charlie added on, chuckling.

"I've yet to speak to both of you so if you may, keep those comments to yourself" Simon said with a hint of a smile on his face.

"Blair, go pack your things. " he continued. "Because of your narrow mindedness, I've to explain go the fans the situation. Working in this industry, one must keep his mind open and adjust. "

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