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Leo's pov:

When I first open my eyes, a stranger was sitting on the chair next to my bed, sleeping.

who was he?

Instead of normal person who would press the big,red emergency next to me and call the doctor I reached out and attempted to wake this unknown man up.

he must be absolutely drained, cause he's not showing signs of waking up even when I've been shouting in his ear loudly for I've no idea how long.

I slapped him


"Nope, I'm just Leondre, "

"Leo! You're up, let me call the-"

"Who are you? "

"What? I'm.. I'm Charlie, don't you remember me? "

"I'm afraid not and if I did I wouldn't have asked who are you, "

Charlie's pov:

Retrograde Amnesia.

He'll be fine, it's common with patients who hit their head, hard. In Leondre's case, he must have hit his head on the edge of the bathtub when he lost consciousness.

I couldn't wait any longer, I've been suppressing my feelings for so long now. What if Leondre will never remember what happened between us?

However there are some memories that will be permanently erased from his mind simply because the patient doesn't want to recall it. It's just like he sealed it away in a box and threw away the lock.

What if Leondre doesn't want to remember me? Remember us?

"Charlie! You left me so suddenly! "

"Leo attempted suicide, "

"Still, you could have waited for me! "

"Chloe! My best friend was leaving, if I waited any longer, he would have died! "

"So he's more important than me now?! "

"WHAT?! I don't think you get the point right now, my best friend almost died. I almost lost him, Chlo. Can we not talk about this right now? " I tried to end the conversation as nicely as possible even when I'm seething inside but to no avail.


"Miss, may I remind you that this is a hospital you're in? " a nurse reminded Chloe.

"Chloe, you're being unreasonable right now. "

"Me? Unreasonable? I think it's fair, I'm your girlfriend! "

"Well I don't remember dating a monster who can't get through her thick skull the fact that my best friend was dying! "

"You've changed, Chloe. I want the old you back, "

I walked away without saying a word.

I won't end things with her
I can't bring myself to, when my life was a mess,she was there for me. Plus, I was binded by a contract.

"Hey... Charlie, " Leo said hesitantly.

I explained who I was and his condition while his mother made her way down.

Although I wanted to, I kept all the heavy stuff from him. Like how we had something. Or how we formed a band. Or how I was fake dating Chloe.

How I wish I could kiss him right here.

"what are you watching? " I peeked over his shoulder, curiously.

"Britain's got talent, the nurse clicked this particular performance for me. Said it was touching - wait isn't that me? And you and that boy looks way too similar ..."

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