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Charlie's pov

Hesitantly,he nodded.

And with that I closed whatever space there was before, meeting his soft,warm lips. Our lips molded and fitted like puzzle pieces, I pulled him closer to me, pushing him down so that we are lying on layers of thick blankets and deepened the kiss hungrily. I bite his lip gently, asking for entrance only to meet stubbornness.

My hand travelled down his body slowly, as Leo's breath hitched and he gasped in surprise when I squeezed his butt, allowing my tongue to slip in his mouth, exploring and tasting him.

He let out a soft moan that awakened my friend down south. "Charlie" he moaned my name, it was so sexy I almost came.

Unfortunately, like all humans we have to breathe.

Gasping, we looked into each other's eyes; blue and brown.

"Why did you do that? "He asked me.

"I-i like you, I love you"

His eyes sparkled and welled up with tears, soon he was sobbing.

"Baby, baby why are you crying? I'm sorry I sprung that on you, it was a joke! "

"It was a joke? "He asked, whimpering at the end.

hearing that whimper, I felt my heart clench.

"It's a joke if you don't like me that way, "

"So you like me back? "

"I love you so much"

"I love you too"

I was so happy that I started littering kisses on his face and neck, resuming earlier activities.

I went down to his neck where I latched my teeth onto his skin, nibbling, sucking and licking on his skin, covering his neck with lovebites.

finally finding his weak spot, just below his ear

"Charlie, "he moaned out in pleasure as I bit the spot teasingly causing me to buck my hips, grinding against him.

"Char-Charlie, we can't do this! "

He managed to say, pushing me off of him

"What why? Don't you want this? "

"I do but you have Chloe! I'm not going to let you cheat on her with me""even if I want you" he murmured the last part, his ears going red.

"I want you so much, and who's going to fix this? " I asked Leo, gesturing to my hard on

Leo blushed and teasingly palmed me through my jeans, I let out a low groan at how much pleasure he's giving me just by touching me.

"Why don't you ask Chloe to fix your problem? "

Leo took his hands off me, causing me to break out of my euphoric state.

"But I only want you, you damn tease,"

"Awww look at you blushing, so adorable! I could look at you all day"

"Shut up Charlie! " I thought it was impossible but he blushed even more

"Just know I meant it, " I whispered next to his ear, biting it

Leo let out a frustrated moan and glared at me childishly, crossing his arms.

"Charlie!" Leo pushed me off of him as we heard Chloe screaming like a banshee.

"Yes?... Babe?" I said hesitantly hoping it would please her.

"You're bringing me out tonight, 7 sharp at the lobby. " she demanded while examining her manicured nails.

I turn to look at Leo looking down as if knowing what I was going to say.

No, I'm not going to make the same mistakes again.

"I can't make it tonight, I've plans with Leo.. Sorry" not sorry, I thought to myself.

I saw Leo look up at me in shock, he was not expecting that. Hmm he has too little faith in me.

"WHAT?! but you've been spending all day with Leo! Can't you make time for me? "

"And I have been spending all my money and energy this whole month on you, what's your point?!" I know I would get into trouble tomorrow, but anything for Leo.

"Charl-" I broke her off by slamming the door in her face.

I let out a huge sigh and turned around only to be met with arms around my waist, soft lips on mine.
But before I could kiss him back, Leo pulled back.

"What was that for? " I chuckled, he was never the one who initiated kisses before, I mean he did when we were younger-

"Thank you, for making time for me"
He said to me softly.

"Anything for you, my Lion"
I said, smiling.

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