Chapter 15

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Jesy's POV

"Jadddddeeeee!" We all called out probably for the hundredth time. We though when Jade left she would be somewhere around here still but so far she's no where to be seen.

I was upset no I was pissed or maybe even furious. I was a lot of things right now as well as Leigh, Harry, and Niall. Jade is our baby we all love her to death. She's the most sensitive out of all of us and I can't just picture how helpless she probably was with all those boys jumping her like that.

"Guys she's not here" Harry says

"We gotta keep looking though" I say

"But Jesy what if she doesn't want to be found right now, maybe she just wants to be left alone for a bit, she was pretty upset and Jade doesn't get mad like that often" Leigh says and I sigh, nodding my head.

"Ughhh those boys I could just kill them myself." I say and they all agree. You could say that we all want to just rip their head off.

"Can't we do something about Them?" I ask

"Like what kidnap up and beat them up" Niall joke. I mean the kidnapping is a little extreme but I don't have a problem with beating them up. I had that look on my face that said 'why not'

"Jesy no" Harry say


"Look I get it we all do and we all wanna do the same thing you wanna do but it's not in our place to get in it's heir problems"

"Harry I'm not trying to get Into Jade and Perrie problem I'm trying to do something about Zayn, Sam and the other duches, are we really just gonna let them jump Jade like that?" I ask "what ever happened to if one if us has a problem we all have a problem"

"I know I know but-"

"But nothing, I don't know about you guy but I'm going to give those guys a piece of my mind, I'm not going to let our best friend get jumped by a group of boys, so if you felt the same way I do, which I know you do then shut up and tell me where this damn boys dorm room is" I say placing my hands on my hips

"I agree other Jesy" Niall says

"Me too" Leigh say

I look at Harry and raise my eyebrow. It's always like this between me and him, but I like it for some reason it's funny. He always disagrees with me but them we end up doing it my way any way.

"Alright alright let's go" he says. I chuckle and give him a hug before we all head back to the car. I'll always love that fool.

Perrie's POV

Right now I was just walking back to campus. I couldn't help but cry the while walking there.

I don't know what to do. I try calling Jade but she just ignores my calls and then I try to talk to Zayn but he just keeps being an ass to me. Leigh said that I should ask Zayn what the problem is.

How would Zayn anything to do with problems I'm having with Jade. I need to find out though cause then I'm just going to be here looking stupid.

I sigh and take out my phone. My battery is dying but I need to make a call. I look through my contacts finding Zayns and I press call. He's mad at me too just a bit so maybe I can fix things up with him real quick as well.

"What perrie?" he say. Wow so rude.

"Hey look I know you're mad at me but don't be alright." Even though a tiny bit I me didn't care I still don't like people mad at me. "I know you wanted to hang out but I just I don't know I honestly don't have an excuse but I'm sorry"

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