His house

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"Come on!!" He said dragging me into his house. I was so nervous I've never met his family out of the 3 months that we've been best friends. "What if they don't like me?!" I whispered nervously. "They'll like you! I promise!" He said lifting me up and bringing me inside. "I could have walked in myself!" I laughed. "Yeah but it probably would have took 7 hours just to convince you to meet my family!" He said giggling. I heard footstep walking towards me. "Mom this is my best friend, Lexie!" He said winking at me. "Hello Lexie! I'm Hayes's mom!" She said smiling and reaching for my hand. I took it and we shook hands. "Hello mrs Grier how are you?" I asked nervously. "I'm good! And please call me Elizabeth!" She smiled and laughed. "Skylynn come here!" She yelled facing the stairs. I then heard tiny footsteps running towards the stairs. When I glanced at the stairs I saw an adorable little girl with blonde hair and brown eyes. "HAYES!!" She yelled running towards him. He picked her up. "Hayes wanna play horsieeeee?!" She asked smiling at him. "I'm sorry Skylynn but my friend is here!" He said. "What friend?" She asked. "That seemed abit offensive I think that calls for a backflip!" He said chucking her up and catching her. "NOOO hehehehe!!!!" She giggled. "Who's that Poo-bear?" She asked him. "Skylynn this is my best friend Lexie!" He said smiling at me. "Hi I'm Skylynn!" She said smiling at me. "Hello Skylynn! I'm Lexie!" I smiled at her. She whispered something into Hayes's ear and he laughed. "I dunno you better ask her!" Hayes said looking at me and laughing. "Do you like horsieeeeees?" She asked. "Yes I do! I actually have a horsie! His name is Cameron!" I smiled. "CAMERONS A HORSIEEEE!?" She asked Hayes looking shocked. "No Skylynn she doesn't know Cam I guess she just named her horse that." He said bursting into laughter. "Hey Skylynn! Do you wanna go horseback riding tomorrow! We can go to my barn and ride Cameron! I also have a pony named Cali! She reminds me of back home in California because her fur is the colour of sand and I was always at the beach!" I said smiling at her. "That's awesome! We used to go to California all the time! We still do but not as much as we used too!" Hayes said. "Ya! She sounds pretty!" Skylynn said. "She's beautiful!" I said smiling back. "Are you hungry bae-I mean lex?" He said smiling. "Oooooh she's your baeeeee!" My other best friend said as she was walking down the stairs. "Oh my god! Taylor!" I said running over and hugging her. "Hey Lexie Hayes called me and flew me down here! Nash, Katelynn and Hayes all told me to come down and Kate said I could stay with you!" She said smiling at Hayes. "Oh my gosh I haven't seen you in forever!" She said. "It's been 4 months!" I said. "How's school?" I asked. "It's different. And stupid. I have a whole list of bad things I could name but I'm just gonna keep it simple." She said with a giggle. She was gorgeous! I wish I looked like her. She had long brown hair,green eyes and braces. They were pink. She was tall, and thin, she was wearing a pink crop top and high wasted jeans with orange toms. Hayes was falling for her. I could tell. I didn't want him to. It just happened! "Sooo...how old are you Taylor? He asked. "I'm 14." She said smiling at him. "I gotta go!" I said walking out of the door and sprinting home. I get home to a new text message.

Hayes😍❤️:why'd you leave?😞

Me: Hayes I'm not stupid you obviously like her!

Hayes😍❤️: babe I don't! I love you and only you and until I die I'm not gonna like anyone but you!🙈❤️

Me:That still doesn't explain why you were starring at her from head to toe! 😭

Hayes😍❤️:doesn't mean I don't love you😊

Me: oh

Hayes😍❤️: lex...will you go out with me?🙈😍

*turns screen off*

I left my house and started running a couple of blocks. I finally reached Hayes' house. I knocked on the door. Hayes opened up with tears running down his face. I kissed him. And it felt like the first time we kissed. It was amazing. Then I whispered into his lips. "Yes!" Nash and Katelynn pulled into the driveway but we didn't notice. The kiss literally lasted for like 3-4 minutes. I could feel Hayes breathing through his nose. "Oh my god are you two together?" Nash asked. Hayes pulled away slowly but kept one hand around my waist. "Yeah!" He smiled and pecked me on the cheek. "Hayes...does she have twitter?!" Nash asked seeming worried. "Yeah why?" Hayes asked. "She'll get hate, a lot of it!" Nash said with one eyebrow raised. "Oh my god! Lex let me see your phone." He took my phone out of my back pocket. I looked over and saw him deleting my twitter. "Hayes what are you doing!?" I asked. "Can I tell her!?" He asked. "Well she's your girlfriend so obviously." Nash said in a "Duhhh" tone. Hayes took my hand and pulled me over the the couch. We both sat cross legged facing each other. "Okay babe, me and Nash downloaded an app called vine, last week. And everyday we gain about 1000 more followers so were getting to be pretty popular. And there are a whole bunch of crazy fangirls on twitter and if they find out your twitter, there gonna hate on you! And I don't want you to get hurt I care about you to much!" He said. "Okay." I said. "So you're still sleeping over right?" He asked. "Yeah.." I said to him. He decided to lay down on the couch. So I decided to lay down next to him. He wrapped he's arm around me. I turned around to face him. And we starred into each others eyes for a few seconds until he kissed me. I loved it when we kissed. Everything clear out of my mind except for our memories. The day we met, we played NFL video games, falling asleep on his shoulder. Water gun fights, pulling pranks on Nash, annoying the shit out of Nash, watching the conjuring, our first kiss(today). When he tickled me to death and scared the shit out of me on the trampoline. Then he pulled away. "Babe?" He asked. "Yeah?" I responded. "Did you actually care when I pretended to "pass out" on the trampoline?" He asked. "Yes, I don't ever want you to get hurt, you mean so much to me and you always will, if you ever leave me I would change forever. I know we're only 13 but I actually feel that this could last forever!" I smiled. "You're adorable baby!" He said pinching my cheeks. "I'm not a baby!!!" I said with a giggle. "Yes you are!" He said in a playful baby voice. "Or nahh!" I said "yaaaaas!" He said. "Nope!" I said. "Yes! You're my baby!" He said holding me tightly. "You're cheesy as hell!" I said to him. "And your cute as hell!" He said back. He kissed me again. "EWWWWW!" Skylynn yelled standing in front of him. "Sorry Skylynn." I said turning around and facing her. "Stop yo duck facing Hayes!" She said with an attitude, as she was giggling. She's adorable. "I know where she gets her adorable attitude from!" I said. "Me?" He asked. "Nash!" I said. "True!" He responded. "Let's go up to my room!" He said. He took my hand and we ran all through the house. We walked upstairs and walked straight then took a right, it was his room. It was kinda small but he had a lot of football stuff. "You didn't tell me you played football, I bet I could beat you!" I laughed. "You wanna bet." He raised his eyebrow chuckling. "Oh crap!" I said. "What?" He asked. "I forgot my bag at home! I'll be right back!" I ran downstairs before he could say anything. "Hey Kate do you have a bag here?" I asked. "Do you need some pyjamas?" She asked. "Yeah!" I said. "Here!" She said handing me her bag. "Thanks!" I said. "No problem." I took out a pair of pyjama shorts and baggy sweater. I looked through the house to find the bathroom. I finally found it. I went in and locked the door, I changed into the pyjamas and left the bathroom. "Well that took forever!" Hayes said when I walked back into his room. He was in a pair of pyjama pants and no shirt. Jesus this kid had abs at 13! His ringtone went off it was a pretty cool ringtone. "I'll be right back babe." He said walking out of the room and going downstairs. I decided to go look where skylynn a room was. It was right down the hall from Hayes's room. I saw her light on so I walked in and she was swinging on her indoor swing. "Hey Skylynn!"I said. She got off the swing and came over and hugged my legs since I was taller than her. I bent down and hugged her. "So do you want to go to the mall and stuff tomorrow!?" I asked. "Okay!" She said smiling. I looked over at her pink alarm clock and i read 1:37AM. "Skylynn aren't you tired!?" I asked. "Well, yes but I don't want to go to sleep I'm so excited for tomorrow!" She said with a little bit of attitude. "Well if you go to sleep now...tomorrow will come faster and faster, if you want I can read you a book?" I said to her picking her up and bringing her over to her bed. "Okay!" She said pulling out a book from under her pillow. "My Little Pony." I read on the cover of the book. I read the book and when I was done she was dead(not literally) she was passed out. I kissed her on the forehead and whispered. "Goodnight Skylynn." I turned her lamp off and put the book on the end of her bed and covered her up with her blankets. "Wow you're good with kids!" Hayes said scaring the shit out of me. I jumped pretty high. And he almost died of laughter. I walked out of the room and quietly shut her bedroom door. I followed Hayes back to his room where we watched tv all night. "His laugh put the most biggest smile on my face, I know this is our 1st day dating but I really love him! And I don't think I would ever forget about him. Hayes laid down by the wall and pulled me down beside him. He put his arms around my waist and pulled me closer. He kissed me for like the 24th time in 9 hours. I laughed when we were kissing."Okay seriously do i stink or something?" He laughed breaking the kiss. "No u just kissed me for like the 24th time in about 9 hours." He laughed. "Let's make that a 25th!" He said kissing me again. "I love you" he whispered into my lips. "I love you too" I whispered into his lips. I wrapped my arm around his chest and started drifting off to sleep.

*Katelynns P.O.V*

"Nash stop!" I said as I was giggling. "Not until you give me a kiss!" He said smiling and tickling me. "You're such and idiot!" I laughed. "Is that why you love me!?" He said pulling me on-top of him. "Maybe!" I said laying my head down on his chest. "Good!" He said kissing my fore head. "Okay I have to go to Hayes's football game tomorrow. Do you want to come?" Nash asked. "Tomorrow's not a good day! I'm going with Lex and Skylynn tomorrow. Were going to the mall,horseback riding and then going to Starbucks." I said to him. "Hashtag typical white girl!" Nash said doing the emoji action(💁). "That's cute!" I said giggling. It was about 3AM but I didn't want to fall asleep with Nash. We haven't slept in the same bed before we've been dating for 3 months but I don't know if he's comfortable with it. "Babyyyyy!" Nash asked. "Whaaattttt!?" I said. "Sweep wif me?" He said in a baby voice with his bottom lip out. "Okay I guess so." I said slipping off of him. He cuddled me in his arms. "I love you Nash" I said before drifting off to sleep. "I love you too" he said kissing me on the cheek and fell asleep.

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