New house

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"All passenger we will be landing in 3-5 minutes I recommend to stay seated until we land, thank you!" The flight attendant said. "Katelynn get up! We're landing in like 3 minutes!" I said shaking her. "Shut up! I'm trying to...wait what! We're landing?! I look horrible!!! I can't get off the plane looking like this!!" She said nervously. She quickly changed from pajama pants and a t shirt to a crop top and shorts. She then pulled out a small mirror and applied makeup! She made me braid her hair since I could brads pretty fast and then added a bow! "WOAH!! How'd you do that so fast?!" I asked surprised. "Skills dalling(darling)" She said in a fake British accent trying not to laugh. I bursted out with laugher and so did she. We FINALLY landed. "Come on girls!" Dad said with a huge grin on his face. "Yeah,yeah we're coming!" I said getting up and leaving the seat. "Do you girls want to take the ol' cop car or truck?" My dad asked. "Hunny let's take the truck, we need to make sure the people in our neighbourhood don't think our daughters are trouble makers!!" My mom said pinching Katelynns cheek. "WTF MOM?!" Katelynn said taking moms hand off of her face! "What does that mean?" My mom asked. "It means don't touch my face again!" Katelynn said with wide eyes. "Okay okay!" Mom said smiling.

It took about a half hour to drive to our new house so I just got ready...I put on a pair of jean shorts, a pull up sleeve shirt(I pulled the sleeves up just above my elbow) and a turquoise beanie. "Can I do something with your hair before you put on that hat?" My sister asked. Since we were getting along I didn't want to make an argument so I just nodded my head and said "Sure" So she took my hair and plugged her curling wand into the plug in wall thing. Yes we have one in the truck, dad need to be able to charge his phone. So she curled my hair and did my makeup! I wasn't used to the makeup because she done a whole different routine. "You need concealer, foundation, bb cream, eyeliner(top) AND MASCARA!!" She said. "Are you trying to make me into a Barbie doll?" I asked. "No, no you look gorgeous!" She said pulling out her mirror and smiling at me. Wow I actually kind of did look nice! "We're here!!" My mom said looking back at us. "IS THIS A HOTEL!?" I asked...the house was huge! "We knew you'd like it." My dad said kissing me and Kate on the forehead. I jumped out of the truck and went inside. "Wow this really is a nice house." Katelynn said as she looked around. "It is but I want to go home!" I said looking at her trying to hold my tears back. "This is your new home!" My dad said with a chuckle. "You don't understand!" Katelynn said yelling at him. I ran upstairs uncertain which room was mine until I found a piece of paper on the door saying "LEXIE'S ROOM" so obviously it was my room. I opened the door and almost died looking at it. It had lime green walls, a king sized bed with an orange,blue and pink bed set, a flat screen tv hung up on my wall, a walk in closet, posters of Ariana Grande(my absolute inspiration),my own bathroom. I kinda felt spoiled haha. "I'm guessing you like it?" My mom asked. "I guess so.." I said sitting on my bed with my legs crossed. "Listen lex I understand, it's hard, but I think this is better for you!" My mom said coming over and taking my hand. "Me and your father got something for you." She said smiling. "What?" I said faking a smile. "Actually more than one thing!" My mom said. My dad then walked in with a little brown puppy! "Oh my gosh! You didn't!!!" I said running over to the dog holding it in my arms. "Oh yeah we have 2 more things for you!" My dad said smiling. Then my mom have me a new PS4! "Oh my God you guys are the absolute best!" I said. My dad went over to set it up on my shelf. And then my mom pulled out a little box. "And we've noticed that you wanted we got it for you." My mom smiled opening the box. It was a superman necklace! "THANK YOU GUYS!" I said hugging them both." "No problem! It only costed 1200 dollars no biggy!" My dad said with laughter. "Well we're going to go out for dinner and then out tonight! So do you girls mind us not being home tonight?" My dad asked. "Nahh you two go have fun!" I said. "Okay sweetie we love you. See you tomorrow morning." My mom said kissing me on the forehead. "There's food in the fridge and a pool and trampoline outside-" My dad said before my mom interrupted."There's also a games/theatre room down the hall with all your games and movies in it!" My mom said. "OKAY" I said excitedly. My parents then left. I decided to jump into the shower since I haven't took one in about 2 days. So I went into my bathroom and got 2 towels and started to run the water. I got into the shower and let the water run through my hair. I washed my hair with my favourite shampoo. That AUSSIE stuff..yeah it smells really good. Anyway I started singing my favourite song PROBLEM By Ariana Grande❤️.

Hey baby even though I hate you

I wanna love you, I want youuu

And even though I can't forgive

You I really want to, I want youu!

Tell me, tell me baby,

Why did you leave me?

Cause even though I shouldn't want it

I gotta have it cause' it's youuu

Head In the clouds

Got no wait on my shoulder

I should be wiser and realize that I've


I suddenly stopped singing after I was done washing. Because I was starving! So I got out and wrapped one towel around my body and the other on my head. I walked into my closet and got a pair of yellow shorts and my BATMAN crop top, black beanie and then I put on my new necklace. I walked over to my makeup desk and blow-dried my hair, I decided to put my hair into a fish tale braid since I was so lazy. I then done the makeup routine my sister done for me earlier. And put my black beanie on my head.

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