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It was 6 and I was ready. I was wearing the same outfit that I was wearing when we met. A baby blue shirt that's loose and a pair of with ripped jeans. And a pair of aqua blue and white converse. My hair was straight and I was wearing my usual makeup. Eyeliner on top, foundation, bronzer and mascara. He knocked on the door around 6:04 I opened it up and he was standing there with a rose in his hand and smiling. "Hey beautiful!" He said handing me the rose. "Thanks Hayes! And hey!" I said taking the rose and putting it in the vase of flowers on the counter. He offered his arm and I took it. We walked over to his moms parked vehicle. He opened the door for me and I got in the back and he got in next to me. "Thanks." I said to him. "Hi Lexie!" Elizabeth said. "Hi Elizabeth, how are you!?" I asked looking back and smiling. "I'm okay thank you! Thank you so much for giving Hayes a second chance! He was moping around like a baby for the past 4 days!" She said smiling at me. "I'm still thinking about wether I should give him a second chance or nahh but I really wanted to go to the carnival with him because I can't stay mad at him forever!" I smiled. "Right!" She said smiling back. "Hey lexie!" Nash said popping out of the front seat. "You did not tell me you were best friends with my brother!?" I said laughingly. "WHOS YOUR BROTHER!?" He asked looking shocked. "Jack, Jack Johnson?" I said smiling. "WHAT! I knew you looked like someone I knew!" He said smiling. "DUDE! Jacks not hot!" Hayes said smiling at me. Nash started laughing. "Thanks." I said looking down. "Speaking of Johnson he's calling me right now!" I said picking up my phone. "Hey?!" I asked. "Hey, lex. Where are you?" He asked. "I'm with Hayes, Nash and Elizabeth! Me and Hayes are going to the carnival." I responded. "Oh okay! What time will you be home?" He asked. "What time will you drop me off home at?" I asked Hayes. "Around 12-1." He said smiling. "Around 12-1." I repeated to Jack on the phone. "Okay. Don't get pregnant!" He joked I heard Jack (G) in the background laughing. "I wasn't planning on it Jack, love ya!" I said laughing. "Love ya too sis!" He said and hung up. We arrived at the carnival about 15 minutes later. It was really lit up and pretty. "Wow this place is huge!" I said to Hayes. "We come here every summer." He smiled and opened the door and got out and helped me out. "Thanks!" I said smiling at him again. "No prob! See you later mom! Bye Nash!" He said shutting the door. I one strapped brown purse over my should and it hung down on my waist. We got to the ticket booth, Hayes payed for 2 tickets, I got a bracelet and he got one. "You know I could have payed myself." I said looking back to see if anyone was in the parking lot. "But then it wouldn't have been a date." He said looking down. "Oh." I said looking down at my converse. "wanna go on the tornado?" He asked point up to a huge ride with cages that flip and spin. "Sure!" I said. He grabbed my hand and took me to the person. "Hello, 2? Great I've got a cage right here for ya!" The man who I'm guessing worked the ride. "Yes please! Thank you!" Hayes said holding the cage door open for me. "Thanks Hayes!" I said smiling at him. "No prob!" He said. The man locked the cage and we got stuck at the top. Because other people were getting on. Then the ride started going again, it spun really fast and we flipped really fast. Hayes screamed like a little girl! I laughed. We got off the ride about 5 minutes later and we decided to go on the tilta-whorl. We went on that and then Hayes said "There's about 20 food places here ya know?" He asked. "I saw that on the way in." I said. "Sooo...wanna make this into a pizza date too?" He asked. "Haha yes Hayes!" I said getting off the tilta-whorl and getting off the platform it was on. We started walking towards the pizza place and I could smell it from here, it smelled just like the pizza we had the night he kissed me! "Is this the pizza place you always order from?" I asked as we walked up to the little pizza truck. "Always," He said. "I thought so." I said. "How may I help you 2?" The man in the food truck asked. "Can I have to slices of pepperoni pizza?" Hayes asked. "Ya, ya!" The man shouted and got out 2 slices of pizza. "Thanks! Hayes said handing me a piece of pizza. "Do you ever miss California?" Hayes asked. "Yeah, sometimes I'd rather be there than here, ya know? It was so much easier. There was one guy I had a huge crush on but I do miss him, he was one of my best friends so either way we couldn't have dated." I said looking over at Hayes who was looking down. "I understand." He said. "Sooo...uhm about me and you?" He asked. "Can we not talk about it?" I asked. "Bu- "Hayes I don't want to I want to have fun!" I interrupted than took a bite of my pizza. "Can we text each other about it, later?" He asked. "I guess so." I said. "Lex, I love you. Please just forgive me!" He said. "Hayes! I would have forgave you if you wouldn't have cheated on my best friend with me without me knowing!" I raised my voice. "Lex! I know I messed up, but baby I love you more than anything! Please just forgive me!?" He asked almost starting to cry. His phone went off and he looked through his message and smiled. "I BET YOU THATS HER RIGHT NOW!" I said almost starting to cry. "No it wasn't!" He said looking down and turning his screen off. I got a new text message and he began texting. I looked through my message and a tear ran down my cheek. "Lexie!? What's wrong!?" He asked looking worried. "M-my mom!" I fell down and started to cry. "Lexie what's wrong?!" Hayes fell to his knees beside me. "HOW COULD YOU!?" I looked up at him right in the eye. "What do you mean?" He asked. "You thought it was my mom!? It was Taylor! She sent me a screenshot of your conversation! It was a minute ago! You took me on a date t-" I got interrupted by amazing soft lips on mine. "I missed that." I said. "Lex.." He started laughing. "What!?" I asked. "Me and Taylor set this up for tonight. I wanted to see how mad you could get at me just so I could kiss you again!" He said. "Well it worked." I said. "I hoped it would!" He laughed and pecked me again. We went on a lot of rides but then the Farris wheel...I was terrified of Farris wheels. "You look nervous!?" Hayes asked. "A little bit." I said. He took my hand and said. "It's okay, you're with me!" He said smiling. The young girl (about 18 years of age) let us in. We started to go up and up and up and I was terrified. Hayes put his arm around me and pulled me closer. I cuddled up to his chest. We then got off and it was time to go home. I was kind of tired. "Wanna watch movies at my house?" He asked. "Yeah sure!" I said smiling. A black Lamborghini stopped in front of us in the parking lot. "Hayes get in!" Nash yelled over the music pumping in the Lambo. "Nash why are we in Taylor's car?" Hayes asked. "Moms gone for the night, Taylor's in town and Katelynns sleeping to the hotel with us. "Well can me and Lexie stay home?" Hayes asked looking at Nash. "You 2 are back together?" Nash asked. "That's right!" Hayes said kissing my cheek. "Hayes I don't know!" I said. "Anyways, no you're coming to the hotel tonight, you guys can get your own room." Nash said turning the music back up. I put my head on Hayes's shoulder and we held hands. We stopped at my house really quick. I ran inside and said "Mom I'm going with Hayes for the night love you!" And then ran upstairs. I packed black spandex, a long red California cheer shirt and my clothes and stuff for tomorrow. I quickly ran out and hopped back into the car. Katelynn than came out in a black tight mini dress. She got into the car. Her hair was straight and she had loads of makeup on. She had black stilettos and a purple purse. "You didn't get any money yet?" I asked. "What are you talking about?" She asked. "You're dressed like a slut!" I laughed. "I'm going somewhere!" She said. "To a club?" I asked. "Nope! It's non of your business!" She said and looked away.

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