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I haven't came out of my room or ate, or slept,or drank,or picked up my phone in 3 days. I had several cuts and burns on my arm. I couldn't handle anything anymore. I ran into my bathroom and ran a bath. As the water was running I decided to go over and pick up my phone. It wasn't smashed. Surprisingly. I had 76 texts! What!

Hayes😍❤️: Come on lex. I love you can you just come over and talk I promise! I won't be all flirty I just want to talk and tell you what happened. You don't understand right now just please come over so I can explain

He spammed me with please's

Me: okay I'll be over soon.

I only emptied the tub then got into the shower. I washed up and then got out and done my hair. I put it into a high pontytale and applied some liquid eyeliner and mascara. I went into my closet and got on my clothes. I got a pair of ripped jeans on and a "LOVE PINK" sweater.

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