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We arrived in Cali to a whole bunch of screaming teenage girls yelling. "HAYES CAN I HAVE YOUR NUMBER, CAN WE GET A SELFIE!?" And then one blonde one said. "UHM WHO IS SHE!? YOUR GIRLFRIEND, BAE LIKE TF NOOOO SHE TO UGLY FOE YOU!" All the girls looked at me. I laughed. "Hey, why can't we all just get along, I mean we're all one big family right? So....please, I promise I wont hurt him!" I smiled. Most girls smiled, the other ones seemed mad. But there was this one girl, she literally stood out and she yelled. "LAYES FOREVER!" I smiled. I pulled her out of the crowd of girls. "How do you know my name?" I asked with a huge grin. "Oh uhh- Hayes talks about you on twitter all the time! He has lots of pictures of you guys on Instagram and stuff." She looked nervous. I smiled over at Hayes. " do you feel about spending the day with us, we're going to a concert tonight and we may have one extra ticket?" I smiled at her. "Wheres the extra ticket. "Nash, Cam, please you're scaring me!" I pointed to the "Old Women". they took of the masks and wigs and walked over. "You guys have 3 tickets dont you?" I asked. Cam sighed and gave me one. "So, you wanna come?" I asked. "OH MY GOD THANK YOU SO MUCH!" She smiled and hugged me. "Aha no problem!" I hugged her back. She turned around. Cameron was literally staring at her. "H-hi I-I'm Chelsey." She stuttered. "I'm Cameron!" He smiled. "Oh yeah, this is Nash!" Cameron said adding on to him introducing his self. She smiled and seemed really happy, I feel great for letting her come but I also feel bad for some of the other fans. "Hey Vanessa? Can I add you as a contact in my phone?" Cameron asked. "uhh-sure!" She smiled. She handed him her phone and he handed his to hers. I felt happy for Cam! Honestly, this may be a really good trip! "Hey uhm wanna put your contact in?" She asked. "Yeah sure!" I handed her my phone and she handed me hers. I put in my number and stuff and gave her her phone back. She smiled politely, I smiled too. I took Hayes' hand and we all started walking.

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