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"Well Lexie I've had a lot of fun! But I have to go my mom will get worried!" I said feeling pretty sad because she's such and amazing girl! "Okay." She said with a sigh. "Hey! Don't be upset!! I promise we're pretty good friends now so I can come back tomorrow!! And I can probably stay later!" I said with a grin on my face. "Okay!!" She said with a huge smile. God she's beautiful! She walked me to the door. I hugged her and she hugged back. I sadly had to leave. It was about 8:30 when I left so I got home around 8:40 because it takes like 10 minutes to walk. I walked into my house to see Nash and Katelynn making out?! They just met!!!??? I decided to leave them alone so I just walked upstairs to my room. I pulled out my phone to see a text from Lexie! I smiled as I read the text.

Lexie😍🙈:Hey did you make it home safe? and is Katelynn there?!😊

Me:Yeah! Thanks😊! And you're never gonna believe what Katelynns doing!


Me:Her and Nash are making out on the couch!😂😚😚haha



Lexie😍🙈:Haha that's actually so awkward THEY JUST MET!😂 Lol


Lexie😍🙈:Im all alone😭😞

Me:Aww I'm sorry! I can come back😏

Lexie😍🙈:You will?😀

Me:Let me go ask my mom!!

Turns screen off

"Hey mom can I sleep to my friends house?" I asked. "Who's house?" My mom asked. "Lexie's." I mumbled. "The new girl..Katelynns little sister?" My mom asked. "Maybeee..." I responded. "As long as you don't sleep with her!" My mom laughed. "I wasn't planning on it!!" I laughed back. "Have fun bud." My mom said kissing my cheek.

Turns screen on

Me: Hey I can sleepover!!😍

Me:OMG sorry wrong emoji!!

Lexie😍🙈: It's okay cutie!



Me:Oh...I'll be over soon!

Lexie😍🙈: I'll meet you halfway!

Me: Sure😊

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