Boys, Mall, Us♥

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After our little trip, Hayes started getting better. The plane ride home was really hard because he was in a lot of pain and everything. The cops got the ass hole with the green hair and it turns out that Sarah planned the hole thing. Vanessa is flying down to my house next week to see how nice it would be to live here. I talked to my parents about them adopting her and they said we'll see. The orphanage and my parents went half with the flight and we got her room all done up! It was really cute. Her bed was hanging from the ceiling by some chains and it was pretty cute. Her room was amazing! I went through my clothes since me, Nash, Cameron and Hayes were all going shopping. Vanessa's really small so I gave alot of my clothes to her. Nash came and picked us up in his new jeep. I was wearing my white high waisted shorts and a pink loose crop top that said 'OBEY' in white letters. I took my phone and put it in my cute little bag. I snapped my to straps on the front together so nothing would fall out and I put it on my back. I waited and waited and then I finally heard a knock on my bedroom door. I opened it to see like a million cute boys outside my door in back of Hayes. "Hey baby! Is it fine if my friend come too?" He asked, hugging and kissing me. "Yeah! Ofcourse!" I smiled with my stupid braces. "Great!" He smiled at the boys. "This is Shawn, Taylor, Aaron, Carter, Matt, Jc, Trevor, Kian, Ricky, Sam and Connor!" He smiled. "Hey!" I said. They al said Hi but they were all over the place, they definetly did'nt say it at the same time. I laughed and we left. We all got into seprate cars because there was alot of us. We were meeting my brother, Jack G, Katelynn, Nash and Cameron at the mall. "Hello Hayes!" my father said looking him deeply into the eyes. "Hello sir!" Hayes said with a wink and a smirk. Dad shook his head and laughed and put the key in the agnition and started down the driveway. I looked ovee at Hayes and smiled, he returned one. I stuck my tongue out at him and he stuck out his bottom lip. I kissed him lightly until my dad interupted. "Thats pretty damn ratchet!" I laughed at my dads choice of words and Hayes did too. Dad chuckled. Hayes's phone vibrated 3 times in a row.He picked up and ahad a little conversation with the person on the other line. "Yep, almost there, bye Shawn!" He dropped the phone into his lap and smiled. Once we arrived at the mall we waited outside for about 15 minutes until another car pulled up. Jack G got out of the driver seat, my brother(Jack J) got out of the passengers seat, Shawn, Aaron and Carter all hopped out of the backseat. "JJJJJAAAAAACCCCKKKKK!" I said and smiled. I wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a warm hug. "Dude, is she your girlfriend?" Carter asked. Hayes and Jack G laughed. "Gross! Dude thats my sister!" He said. "Whoops!" Everyone laughed. Hayes was walking in back of me for some odd reason. I took his hand and wrapped my fingers in between each of his, and we walkes to the food court. "Taaaaco Belllll!" I pouted. "Yaaas!" He said in response. "Yeeet!" Jack J said. "Huh?" I asked. Everyone laughed. We all ate and went shopping. We went to a few stores. Me and Hayes played ball in one of them so we got kicked out of that store. We went into target and Vanessa was there. Jack and Katelynn were waiting next to her, they were all smiling. "Vannesa!!!" I yelled and ran up and gave her a hug. "Mom and dad signed the papers!" Katelynn said. "She's officially our sister!" Jack J smiled. Cameron, Nash, Jc, Trevor, Ricky, Kian, Sam and Connor came out of the bathroom. Cameron walked right passed me and up to Vanessa. He kissed her and hugged her. "Welcome home Nes." He smiled. "Thanks Cam!" she laughed. "What happened to Sarah?" I asked. "I was forced!" He said with a crazy look. I kinda laughed a little. Hayes glanced at me when I laughed. "So, since we're sisters now, wanna go shop for some clothes?" she asked. "Yeah, sure Vanessa!" I smiled. "U guys comin'?" She asked. "Nahh! we'll stay back at the food court!" Hayes smiled. "Okay, I love you!" I smiled. "I wuv you too!" He pecked me on the lips. Me and Vanessa started to walk off, I looked back and they were staring at our butts, ofcourse. I gave Hayes a suspencful look and he looked pretty guilty. I laughed and started on. We passed the stage I performed on a few months ago for our anniversary. I smiled. "You and Hayes really love eachother, don't you?" She asked. "Yeah, He's everything to me, I honestly dunno what or where I'd be in this state!" I giggled a little and then went on. "He makes me smile when I don't even wanna smile, he makes me feel beautiful when I know i'm not, when i don't feel good he cuddles me, even if i'm fine he cuddles me, he's the most caring person, If we weren't best friends before our relationship i don't know what would happen but i'm so glad I moved because he's my best friend and I love him to death, I can tell him anything and He can trust me with anything!" I smiled. Someone grabbed my waist from behind and kissed the top of my head. "I love you too!" I knew it was Hayes. I turned around and just stared into those beautiful blue eyes and smiled. "How long were u behind us?" I asked breaking the moment. "Long enough to know how much you love me and to be honest, thats exactly how I feel, I love you so much Lexie and I really hope you know that!" He hugged me, I got on my tippy toes and kissed him.

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