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             *Hayes P.O.V**

Its been a year since me and Lex have been together. June 3rd 2013 is the day i kissed Lexie and asked her out. Which is today. But i dont know what to do for her. I walked into Nash's room and asked him. "Todays me and Lexies 1 year anniversary! What should i do!" "I gotta go to the mall. Get your money and we will buy her something there. Don't spend to much on her your birthday is in 5 days, Hayes!" Nash said getting on a pair of Hollister sweat pants. "Okay." I went into my room and grabbed my wallet. (I've been saving up for awhile). Nash grabbed the keys off the counter and we went to pick up Katelynn. "Hey babe." Nash said pecking her cheek when she got into the car. "Hey!" She said. "Why is Katelynn here?" I asked. "Shes coming with us." He said looking at the backseat where i sat. "Yeah, she wants concert tickets to this big concert, Summer Rush, I think it's called. Ariana Grande is gonna be there, Iggy Azalea, Chris Brown, 5SOS, Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, And a whole bunch of other famous people." Katelynn said. "Where do they sell the tickets!?" I asked. "In the ticket shop, at the mall!" Katelynn said in a duhh tone. "Thanks Katelynn!" I pecked her cheek. We arrived at the mall and we got out i ran inside. This was not the best place to be! We got mobbed by a whole bunch of teenage girls. One of the girls started hating on Katelynn. "Ew who's that? She looks like a donkey! You deserve way more!" She said looking directly at Nash. "Nash, I should g-" "No! IF ANY OF YOU WANT TO HATE ON ME, GO AHEAD, BUT NONE OF YOU SHOULD HATE ON MY GIRLFRIEND. SHE IS AMAZING JUST BECAUSE YOU GIRLS ARE JELOUS DOESNT MEAN THAT IM NOT HAPPY I LOVE KATELYNN MORE THAN ANYTHING! AND IF Y'ALL ARE GONNA HATE ON HER IT SHOWS THAT YOU'RE NOT TRUE NASHTY'S. SO IF YOU'RE GONNA HATE ON ANYONE HATE ON ME!" Nash raised his voice to all the girls. "Nash. I don't want you to give up your fans for me, its not fair you've worked alot to get to where you are!" Katelynn said. "I've also worked hard for our relationship and i can't loose you!" He said. some of the fans started "awehing" But the others started filming and crying. We all walked away. I ran into the ticket shop. "Can i have to V.I.P tickets to Summer Rush please?" I asked. The girls jaw dropped. "Jordan?" I asked. "I havent seen you in like a year!" She said with a smile."Uhm...yeah.." I said with a crooked smile. "So...are you single?" She asked leaning closer onto the desk. "Uhm. Actually noooo!" I said. "Oh who are you with?" My ex girlfriend asked me. "Lexie, Lexie Johnson." I said smiling at the thought of her. "Oh..." She said. "Yeah can i get them tickets now?" I asked taking my 200$ out of my wallet. "No! I'll put that on my tab." She said with a smile. "No, Jordan you need to understand, I moved on and i have a new girlfriend!" I said taking the tickets and laying 200$ on the counter. "What was that all about?" Nash asked. "Jordan works there." I said rolling my eyes. "Jordan Griffis!?" Nash started laughing. "Yup." I said. We walked into a jewelry store. I looked around and finally found a really cute ring. It said I promise. I took it to the front desk. "How much is this ring?" I asked. "59.99$" The woman said. "Can I get this wrapped and put into a box?" I asked. "Ofcourse, it will be ready in 15 minutes." The lady said. I gave her 65$ including a tip for wrapping and boxing. I decided to go to Chipotle, Lexies favourite restraunt. I bought her a giftcard and i ordered some fries. After i was done eating i went back to the jewelry store and got the ring. and called Nash. "Nash where are you guys?" I asked. "Im in the main hallway where the stage and stuff are!" He said. I walked over to the main hallway to see Lexie on the stage with Mahogany? Lexie was wearing her hair in a high ponytale with a bow. She was wearing a short flower print dress. And mahogany was wearig striped black and white pants, she had a whitw crop top and it said meow on it. And ofcourse she was wearing her favourite black cat ears. "I really wanna dedicate this song to the most amazing best friend and boyfriend i've ever had...I love you Hayes!" She said and music began.


"Yeah..yeah I'm thinking bout' him every second every hour do my singing in the shower picking peddles of the flowers like.."


"Does Hayes Grier love me--or nah!"


"i'm not a bad girl i just,"


"Hayes gives me that kinda,


want it all the time need it every day

on a scale of 1-10 i am 100,

want it all the time need it every day!


"So if you want it,

she's got it,

She's got it everyday,

she'll be your lover,

your friend

(you'll find it all in me)~lexie

she'll stay by your side

(I'll never leave ya)~ lexie

She aint going no where,

cause you're a keeper!


I got a vine boy,

just admit it,

i caught your eye,

don't know how i did it,

it's our anniversary bae,

i love you more than anything,

because you're just amazHAYES,

you should know it aleady!


I love the way,

i love the way,

baby, i love the way,

oooh i love the wayyy,

the way Lexie loves you!

"Hayes, this past year has been amazing, I love you so much, we may have argued sometimes but we got through it and im inlove with everything about you, im so happy that we moved here because if i would'nt have met you. I would have been a mess. I know its not much but I decided that next month. I wanna take you to California! I love you baby, thanks for making me feel loved in every single way I love you!" Lexie said starting to cry. I walked through the crowd, everyone was clapping, including me. I got up on the stage and i took her hand. "I love you." She whispered. I grabbed her chin and kissed her, everyone started clapping again. We smiled at the crowd. I took the mic. "Thanks Lexie, I love you to bae, and im so excited to go to Cali with you, but first, I just wanna give you your gifts." I smiled and gave her the bag. She opened it and took out the tickets. "Hayes!" She smiled. "Here!" I gave her the Chipotle card. "Lets have a dinner date after?" She asked. "Yaaaas!" I said smiling. I then took out the the box and took her hand. "Remember when you promised you'd never leave?" I asked. "Yaas!" She said with a huge grin. "Well I also promise i'll never leave either!" I smiled putting the ring on her finger. She smiled and kissed me. "Hayes I love you so much!" She said. "I love you too!" I said. I hugged Mahogany. "Thanks Mo!" I said. "No prob Haaas!" She said smiling. "I owe ya one!" I smiled. "Make it 50 grand subs on youtube!" We all laughed.

Hey guys! sorry this chapter is really short and im using my laptop so i cant use emojis so im just going to wait for the chapters with texting in them! Thanks for the votes and the reads! Also big shoutout to aweeHayes She inspired me to write this story and she's voted for all of my chapters! Thank you guys!♥♡


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