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Me and Hayes started walking up the hall looking for the elevator. "I thought we were going to a party?" I asked. "That's their type of party." Hayes laughed. His cheeks were tear stained and I felt horrible for saying the things I said. I really wanted to apologize but I didn't want to mention anything. "Hayes,I'm so sorry." I said looking at my feet. "It's okay." He said looking at me. "Okay." We finally found the elevator. We went in started going up. We reached the 7th floor and started walking. We found our room, Hayes swiped the card on the chip thing and we got in. I walked over to a corner and put my bags down. I went over and laid down on the bed, Hayes came and laid next to me. We held hands and just looked at each other. "This is getting kinda funny and cute!" I said smiling at him. "What?" He asked. "We've been through so much together in just a month, today." I said. "We have, haven't we!" He said excitedly. "Yeah!" I said laughingly. He kissed me. I kissed him back. The kiss got a little more, ummm, make outish then it should have been, but I guess it's okay, since it's Hayes. "Let's go run up and down the halls!" Hayes said getting off of me and taking my hand. "One sec!" I yelled. I got my bag and ran into the bathroom, I changed into my spandex and just kept my blue loose shirt on. I ran out bare foot and took his hand. We ran up and down the halls screaming Justin Bieber's song confident. "OH NO NO OH NO NO SHES CONFIDENT!" I screamed. "OH NO NO OH NO NO AND IM DONE WITH ITTT!" He screamed. We started holding hands. We knocked on someone's door and ran away. I giggled. He put his hand over my mouth so I would stop to make sure no one heard us. I put mine over his. We both hid in the ice bar thing. "It's cold in here!" I whispered. "Yeah, well you're wearing shorts that ride halfway up your ass!" He laughed. It was cute. "Lexie?" He asked. "Yeah?" I asked "I. Love. You!" He said. "Well. I. Love. You. More." He smiled. "Or nah!" He said. "Yaaas!" We both started laughing. Someone opened the ice box thing. "That's my word!" Matthew said looking at me. "Whoops!" I said getting out. "Leeeeeeeeeeex!" Hayes said. "Whaaaaaaaaat?" I asked. "Can we watch a movie!?" He asked. "You gotta catch me first!" I started running up the halls. "I think you forgot that I'm a football player!" He said almost getting a grip of me. "And you forgot that I'm a cheerleader!" I said running faster. "Come on babe!" He said. "Fineeee!" I whined. I got on his back and he started running. "NO HAYES NO PLEASE STOOOOOOP!" I yelled and laughed at the same time. "We're gonna get kicked out of this hotel!" Hayes laughed. We finally reached our room. I went in and got in bed. Hayes got into the other bed. I jumped from one bed to the other. I jumped on top of him and started to tickle him. "NOOOOOO!!!! Lexie stop!" He laughed. He pulled me down to kiss him. I bit his cheek. "Ow what was that for?" He laughed. "For making me scared when I was on your back!" I whined. "There was no need to be scared I would have caught you!" He laughed. "Well you might have dropped me!" I said. "NUH UH!" He laughed. "Yeah huh!" I said. "Awe wittle wexie was scawed!" He said in a baby way. "Hey Hayes shut up!" I nudged him and we both started laughing. "Wanna order some pizza?" He asked. I looked at him funny. We both burst into laughter because we remembered the time we ordered pizza together. "Come on babe!" He said trying to hold back his laughs. We walked next door to Nash and Katelynns room. "WOAH DUDE WHAT THE F-" Nash interrupted. "Why are you in here?" Nash asked. "Kate can I have 20 bucks?" I asked. She threw 50 at me. "Thanks!" We closed the door and went back into our room. "Let me call!" He said grabbing his iPhone out of his bag. He ordered pizza and pop. "At least you didn't call that old man!" I laughed. He kept a straight face. "Baby, what's wrong?" I asked walking over and sitting on his lap. "You called me baby!" He said smiling. "Haha I guess I did babe.." I winked. "Boo!" He said pecking my cheek. "Bae!" I said pecking his lips. "Oh zayum!" He said pulling me down. My phone rang. (My ringtone was my brothers song flights.) "Hello?" I answered. "Lexie? It's Cameron!" My old best friend said(the one I had a huge crush on). "Oh my god hey Cam! I miss you so much!" I almost yelled. "Open the door!" He said, I walked over to the door and opened it. "Hey!" He said hanging his phone up. "Cam!" I jumped up into his arms, he spun me around. "Hayes!" Can ran up to him and hugged him. "Hey Cam!" Hayes smiled. "What are you doing here?" Hayes asked. "I'm staying in town for a week!" Cameron smiled. "Where are you staying?" I asked. "Here, I guess." Cameron said. "Stay with me!"Hayes said. "Is it fine with Sherill?" Cameron asked. "Who the hell is Sherill?" Hayes asked. "Your mom?" Cameron said questioningly. "ITS ELIZABETH!" Hayes burst into laughter. "Haha is it fine with your mom?" Cameron asked. Hayes picked up his phone and dialled a few numbers. "Hey mom? Could Cam stay with us for a week?" Hayes asked. "Okay love you bye!" Hayes hung up and smiled. "You're aloud!" Hayes smiled. "Goooood!" Cameron smiled. "How have you been beautiful!?" Cameron asked wrapping his arm around my neck. " and Hayes are together!" I went over next to Hayes and took his hand. "How do you and Cameron know each other?" Hayes asked. "We're best friends!" I smiled. "Is he the guy you were talking about?" Hayes asked. "Yeah!" I smiled. "So you're dating Hayes?" Cameron asked. "Yep!" I smiled at Hayes. Hayes smiled back at me. "I gotta go get a room!" Cameron said walking halfway out of the door. "No! Can you can stay with us! Right Hayes?" I said smiling at him. "Uh, yeah, I guess, sure!" Hayes said unsure of what to actually say. "Thanks guys!" Cameron said running towards us and hugging me and Hayes. Cameron had his hand on my waist and it felt special to be in his arms again but I was dating Hayes so I really didn't know what else to do. "So me and Hayes in one bed or..." Cameron asked. "Me and Lex in one bed and you in the other."Hayes said. "Okay!" Cameron said. He ran out of the room and turned a right. He them came back with 2 bags. "I thought you were leaving!" I said. "Haha no I ain't goin anywhere!" Cameron said laughingly. "I'll be right back!" I said running into the bathroom and putting a pair of comfy pyjama pants on. I walked back out and got in bed, I was really tired.

*5 hours later*

I woke up half crying. I didn't feel good I checked my phone and it was 4:39 Am. I felt like I was going to throw up I ran to the bathroom. Before I knew it I was throwing up. I heard faint footsteps walking up behind me, once I stopped throwing up I looked back, Cameron was shirtless. "It's okay Babe." He said stroking my hair. "Cam I'm sorry but you can't call me babe! I'm with Hayes now..." I said quietly. Cameron went back to bed. I started throwing up again. I think it was the rides at the carnival or something. I started crying, I felt horrible. My throat, stomach and head all hurt. "Lexie, you're going to the hospital!" Cameron said walking back in. "No." I said looking down. "Please, you're not doing good!" He said nervously. "I guess so." I said walking out and grabbing my sweater and phone. I quickly ran back and threw up In the toilet. Cameron picked up the garbage bucket and handed it to me. We left the hotel and Cameron started driving.

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