Chapter 8

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(Sorry for updating so late, you know exams...)
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I looked down to pick them up and found a pair a very expensive looking shoes.
The owner of the shoes beng down a d grabbed my keys and gave them to me.
B:" Thanks." I said looking up and found a pair of familiar mesmerising eyes, then it hit me. He had his lips twisted into a playful smirk, when he said...
?:"Fancy seeing you here."


B: "You!?
S: "No, The Kardashians."
B: "Ha ha funny, what are doing here?!"

Sin's P.O.V:
Maybe I'm stalking you...
S: "I was bored so I came here to have fun and I thought I recognized a familiar face of a stupid girl who doesn't know how key locks function."
B: "I guess I'm that stupid girl... HEW! I'm not stupid!"
S: "You just admitted that you're stupid, you know?"
B: "Oh shut up!"
S: "Let's grab you a drink, by the way weren't you with a friend?"

Bree's P.O.V :
B: "Umm, Maddie gets drunk easily, she's probably making out with the bartender"
S: "If I'm not wrong you're talking about your friend"
B: " For us girls if make out with a H.O.T guy means we accomplished something in our lives."
(Author: No offense guys thats sarcasm)
S: " Ha! Creep! but same."
B: "I kn-"
Thats when I felt a hand snake up my waist. I turned around and saw A familiar looking guy.
B: "Who are you again?"

Sin's P.O.V
Well this is awkward, I should do something...
Oh I know! I hope Bree has humor.
S: "Stop wait a minute!"
B: " Fill my cup put some water in it."
Author (The reference tho)
S: "O.M.G someone finally got me like me!" (wink wink)
I can't believe she actually understood the reference.
B:" I was surprised that you actually did that. I thought I was the only one."
S:" I know right. The same is for me."
? : "Don't you just ignore me!"
B : "What's your name again?"
? : " Sweetie, don't remember the 6.6666667 kisses at the hotel ?"
She Kissed HIM?!
S:" You ki-"
I felt something move in the back pocket of my jeans. It was my phone. I pulled it out of my pocket amd saw that it's my best mate Damon that's calling me.
Oh yeah he's coming to the club! I totally forgot about him! Well he called me so he's here.
But I don't wanna leave Bree with this creep. I can't believe she kissed him. Now to resume what I was saying.
B: "Don't mean to be rude but let me take care of this , it's my business."
? :" Yeah! GET LOST !"
S:" Shut up you creep! I'm gonna go, my friend is coming and I can't leave him alone."
S:" He's really shy and I need to help him to find a girl."
I already have your number so I'll call you tomorrow maybe we can meet up and go get some coffe!"
B:" Yeah I'd love that."
S:" Okay then, see you later!"
The funniest thing was that guys face. I hope he doesn't bother her.
I walk off and try to find Damon.

Bree's P.O.V:
Now that Sin is gone I can resume what I was doing.
I said while pointing my finger at him.
?:" I told you, don't you remember the kisses at the hotel?"
B:" The Perverted Concierge ?!"
Concierge :" Yeah! ... I mean NO! I'm not perverted, I'm just the Concierge ."
B:" oh Yeah!"
I hug him really REALLY tight and whisper in his ear in a very menacing way.
B:" First of all, it was Just A Joke, so don't go running around telling you're friends you kissed a hot girl because you didn't."
He began trembling.
Con:" Okay..."
He tries to pull away from the hug.
B:"I'm not finished."
Con:" G-Go o-o-on..."
B:" I you speak of this little incident to anyone I swear on my life thay I will search for you, I Will find you and I will kill you."
I pulled away from the hug and smiled a deadly smile.
The poor creep had tears in his eyes.
Con:" I-I understand."
B:" Great! Now get lost."I said while laughing.
He ran away like a dog.
Well now that that's done I better find a way to kill time, I don't wanna leave yet.
That's when I spot a girl, she looked kind of drunk.
She had long straight black hair, and beautiful blue eyes. And might I say, her eyebrows where on fleak.
She seemed like 22 or 23 years old.

She was wearing a knee high tight blue dress that had different cuts on the back

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She was wearing a knee high tight blue dress that had different cuts on the back.

The unknow girl had a sad expression on her face, so I went over to her and stood next to her

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The unknow girl had a sad expression on her face, so I went over to her and stood next to her.
B:" Hello!"
?:" Hi."
B:" You look sad."
Way to be subtle Bree.
?:" Yeah... my boyfriend broke up with me yesterday . It was our three year anniversary."
B:" Oh honey."
?:" And I live in a huge apartment but I'm half broke and I can't stay if I don't find a roommate."
Oh she neads a roommate, maybe I can move in with her.
B:" How much does your roommate have to pay for rent."
?:" Well we'll split it so 500$. Me and my boyfriend where paying together but he moved out yesterday, so I can't pay it all myself."
500$... that's a lot, but she seams really nice.
B:" Well I need a place, so can I move in with you?"
?:" Really?!"
B:" Yeah."
?:" Thank you so much."
B:" Hey, we're gonna be roommates and I don't even know your name."
?:" Oh silly me, I'm Marie-Isabelle but everyone calles me Iso."
B:" Well it's nice to meet you Iso, I'm Bree."
I:" It's nice to meet you too. How about some shots to our new friendship."
I:" AY Bartender! 3 rounds of shots over here."
B:" 3?"
I:" Come on live a little."
B:" Fine."
The bartender came and give us our shots then we immediately took them.
Iso took out her phone from her purse and looked suprised.
I:" Oh it's already 12! I have to go, here's my number. Text me so we can talk about the details for your move."
B:" okay. Call a taxi, don't drive."
I:" Of course, Byeee."
And she walks away.
I have to get going too. Well it was a good night. It actually made me forget about the ... divorce. Ughhhh tomorrow's my divorce.
I have to find a place to stay tonight! I totally forgot about that!
I take out my phone and call a bunch of my friends but to my luck none of them can have me. Then an unknown number calls me. I hesitate but then I pick up.
B:" Hello?"
?:" Hey there."
B:" Sin?!"
S:" Yeah."
B:" why are you calling me? You said you'll call me tomorrow."
S:" just wanted to see if your still at the bar with the creep."
B:" oh I took care of him and I was just gonna go."
S:" Do you need a ride?"
B:" Well my friend left so yeah."
S:" Ok, meet me in front of the bar."
B:"Deal, but can I ask for a favor?"
S:" Sure, What do you need?"
B:" Can I stay with you tonight and tomorrom, PLEASE?"
S:" Sure, but why?"
B:" I'll tell you in when we get there."
S:" Fine. I'm outside, where are you?"
B:" I'm coming, Bye."
And I hang up, So I make my why to the front of the club.


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