Chapter 6

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"What are you doing here?"
"I saw on twitter that Taylor was planning a surprise for you"
"So you weren't invited?"
"Not exactly. It's not that far from my home town so it wasn't too much trouble" he says as if I actually care.
"Did it ever go through your head that I might not want you here?" I snapped
"I'm sorry. I thought we'd left LA as friends?"
"I thought we were more than friends but you decided to make out with my best friend"
"Sky, don't be like this"
"Whatever Matt" I keep staring straight ahead. I watch as Amy turns to look at me. She smiles but when she sees who is sat by my side her face turns to a look of shock mixed with guilt.

But why would she be feeling guilty? Unless there is something going on with her and Matt? No Sky, she promised you Sky. Or did she? She didn't say those exact words. She said she regretted it. She wouldn't would she?

I follow her with my eyes as she makes her way up towards us. If there was any trace of Matt still liking me, it's definitely gone now. You're probably thinking, what the hell is she on about? If you were here, you'd see what I mean. She walks out of the sea, her long, wet, blonde hair flying all over the place, but in a supermodel kind of way. If you know what I mean. To top it all off, she looks absolutely stunning in her red and white polka dot bikini. She makes me feel self conscious. In fact, I haven't even eaten today. I didn't have any ice cream. I'm still fat though. I hate it.

You're thinking- get over it. Right? Right. I should, it's stupid really. I know its silly, Taylor tells me all the time that I'm skinny but I've convinced myself that he has to say that because he's my best friend. Amy comes and sits opposite to Matt and I, her back to the sea. I'm not watching him but I can tell that Matt 100% is not looking at her face.

"Hey Amy" he seems mad "Didn't know you two had made up"
"It was stupid to argue over some random boy" I say trying to keep a straight face
"You don't always have to be so rude, you know" I laugh because Amy had already used those exact words back at Magcon. Well not those words exactly, she said the opposite "Why are you laughing?" by now Taylor and Nash have joined us.
"Its funny"
"What is?"
"You. Saying I'm the rude one!" I stand up "Obviously you didn't hear yourself back in LA" I walk over to the pile of bags and rummage through Taylor's to find my white lace dress. I throw it on and look for the board that Taylor had brought for me. I pick it up and make my way to the sea.

I shout to all of the boys playing in the sea. "GUYS!!" they all turn sharply to look at me, stopping what they are doing "I don't know where you're staying whist you're here, but you're all welcome to stay at mine. My dad's away for ages so he wont be there. It's 3 houses to the left of Taylor's." they all reply with a thanks and I head back to the pavement. Taylor, Amy, Nash and Matt all seem to be engrossed in conversation.

I ride back to my house, with a few less falls than the journey there. Best day ever? It was, until Matt showed up. I feel like he ruins everything. I pull into my drive as my phone vibrates in my pocket. I ignore it and go inside. I run up the two flights of stairs to the ensuite that comes off of my room. I turn the shower on and no hot water comes out. I wait a bit whilst I check my phone.

(T=Taylor, S=Skylar)
T: hey where'd you go? x
S: I went home x
T: Why? x
S: Matt was annoying me x
T: He has that effect on people x
S: I've noticed :) x
T: Can I ask you a question? x
S: You just did
T: Do you still like Matt at all?
S: Not in the slightest. For the first time, I actually believe it.
T: Okay
T: one more question?
S: What?
T: ...
S: What taylor?
S: TAYLOR you're scaring me
T: Dinner? Tonight?
S: I can't
T: why not?
S: you know why.
T: is this because of what that girl on twitter said?
S: maybe
T: don't listen to that bitch, it was like a month ago.
S: still, its not something you forget.
T: I don't care what you say. You're coming to dinner with me and that's that.
S: Fine. I'm using your shower. There's no hot water in my house
T: Just invite yourself in why don't you? ;) Climb in through my window, its unlocked.
S: cheers mate x

I gather my shampoo and my towel and make my way to Taylor's house. I climb through the window and use the shower that comes off his room. I shower and then make my way back to my house. I start my usual routine when there's a knock at the door.

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