Chapter 5

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Previously on "The Lawyer":
I get into my hotel room change into my PJs got to bed.

Bree's P.O.V:
I wake up from a long nights sleep. My eyes took a few seconds to adjust to the brightness of the room amd look up at the ceiling. Suprised to see an unfamiliar scenery in front of my eyes I jump out of bed when I remember what happened yesterday.
B:" Ughhh... Tomorrow is the appointment for the divorce... I can't beilive he really did that."
I was remembering all the good times me and Chris had together, the sad times, the fun times and that's when a single tear escaped from my left eye and then another one... and another...and another wich leads to me sitting on the floor crying my eyes out. Still crying I get up from the floor and go to the desk near the bed and grab my phone, unlock it and got the Gallery to delete all my photots of me and Chris. Then I go to my contacts and scroll down to find Chris but I remember his new contact name and scroll down A little bit more to find "Pathetic Bitch" and block it. After that, my crying calmed down so I opened my bag and took out some fresh cloths went in the shower and had a long relaxing one. Getting out of the shower I wear my cloths and go in the hotel room pack my remaining stuff and step out of that room. While locking the door I hear a familiar voice.
Unknown: "You can't open doors and now you can't lock them?"
I turn aroud and recognise the guy from last night even though I only saw his back.
B:" Hey! Your that cocky guy from last night!"
Unknown:"Thank you for the compliment."
Enraged from his attitude I look him dead in the eye and I realize how HOT he is.
He had jet black spiky hair, his eyes where big, so big I could see the whole world threw them. And the color of his eyes where magical, green mixed with a bit of blue and tiny specks of gold in them. He had a sharp jawline and a tiny mouth. The unkown man was wearing and black suit wich was a bit tight and I coud see his rock hard abs and biceps throw them. He had the looks of a god.
Unkown cocky man below ( I took the picture from google and I dont know if that man is like famous or not soooo...)

Unknown:" Are you done staring?"B:"Not quite, give me a few more seconds

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Unknown:" Are you done staring?"
B:"Not quite, give me a few more seconds..... annnnndddd Done."
Unknown:" You're funny, and cute. Wanna go have coffe with me?"
B:" Yeah, I don't know... You're a total stranger! You can be a serial killer or a rapest or even worse!
A serial killer rapest!"
Unknown:" Wow slow down a little, do I look like a serial killer rapist?"
B:" You don't look like one but you can be one. And I don't even know your name."
Unknown:" Sin."
B:" Sin?"
Sin:" My name."
B:" Ohhh okay, Sin."
Sin:" Will you have coffe with me now?"
B:" Okay but I still don't trust you."
Sin:" Fine by me."
B:" But I need to put my bags in my car and return the room key."
Sin:"I'll come with you."
B:" You sure?"
Sin:" Yeah.'
B:" Okay then."
I start walking down the hallway towards the elevator him following closely behind me. After waiting for 2 minutes the elevator arrives and we got on, he presses the botton for the ground floor. The ride was quite awkward giving him having nothing to say and me constantly throwing side glances at him. When we stop, Sin and I get out of the elevator and got the loby. I was praying that the man from yesterday wasn't here and my prayers got answerd when I didn't see him anywhere. I give them my key and thank them for the service then we both step out of the hotel. Reajusting the two bags on my sholders I ask him:
B:"Where are we going?"
Sin:"There is a nearby cafe somewhere around here, there should be fine."
B:" Well I can't leave my car here so you drive and I'll follow you."
Sin:" Okay then."
He walks away and goes near a really expensive looking car that he gets into. Then he drives off and waits for me at the entrance of the parking lot
I get into my car and follow him.
After a good 10 minutes he parks infront a cute looking cafe and steps out of his vehicle. Following him I park my car and get out. We meet up and hed inside.


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