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Jongin P.O.V

Jongin groaned and hit his head against the shower wall. He ғυϲƙed up, he ғυϲƙed up big time. After he kissed Kyungsoo, the two walked into the apartment and Kyungsoo instantly disappeared into his room. It had been two hours and Kyungsoo hadn't left his bedroom. Jongin cursed at himself and turned off the water. He dried his body off with the towel and changed into clean clothes. He stepped out of the bathroom, and saw that Kyungsoo's door was open. He crept into the kitchen and saw Kyungsoo's bare back facing him. Jongin felt his cheeks heat up at the sight of the milky white back, and an odd noise escaped his lips. Kyungsoo turned around.

"Hey Jongin." he said.

Jongin smiled, not sure what to do. Kyungsoo noticed Jongin's pause and sighed.

"I'm not angry about the kiss, in fact, I kind of enjoyed it." Kyungsoo continued.

Jongin froze, had he heard the elder correctly?

"Y-You did?" Jongin asked, surprised.

Kyungsoo nodded and Jongin had a childish smile on his face. Jongin crept up to Kyungsoo and wrapped his arms around the smaller's waist. Kyungsoo stiffened at the action, but Jongin just chuckled and rested his head in the crook of Kyungsoo's neck. 

"J-Jongin?" Kyungsoo mumbled.

Jongin lifted his head, staring at the doe-eyed boy. Kyungsoo tilted his head up. Jongin was surprised when he felt Kyungsoo press his lips against Jongin's. Kyungsoo pulled away and stared at the taller.

"Jongin, did you mean it?" Kyungsoo whispered.

"Mean what?" Jongin mumbled.

"That..you..loved me." Kyungsoo said, blushing.

Jongin smiled, "Of course I do."

Kyungsoo smiled and went back to cooking. Jongin kept his arms around the elder's waist, nibbling his ear. Kyungsoo tried shaking him off, but Jongin just chuckled and tightened his hold. They ate quietly, enjoying the awkward glances they took at each other. Kyungsoo's phone rang and he answered it. Jongin watched him carefully, Kyungsoo was nodding and talking quietly, so Jongin couldn't hear. Kyungsoo hung up and he leaned against the wall. 

"She's dead." Kyungsoo croaked.

Jongin leapt up and wrapped his arms around the elder. Kyungsoo was shaking, sobbing silently. Jongin held him carefully, afraid if he hugged too tight, Kyungsoo would break.

"J-Jongin." Kyungsoo cried.

Jongin looked down, "Yes?"

"D-Don't leave me." Kyungsoo whimpered.

Jongin held him tighter, cradling Kyungsoo.

"I won't." Jongin murmured.

"Promise?" Kyungsoo asked.

"Promise." Jongin whispered, kissing the elder's head.

Kyungsoo P.O.V

Kyungsoo's mom's funreal was short. Only he, Jongin, Dara, and Baekhyun attended. Kyungsoo was clutching the umbrella tightly, so his knuckles turned white. She had such a horrid life, and now she'll have a lonely death. Jongin's arms snaked up around his waist. He felt Jongin's breath against his ear.

"Hyung, it's okay. She'll be okay, Sehun will take care of her." Jongin murmured.

Kyungsoo nodded, Sehun had always taken care of people. Now he could take care of his mom for Kyungsoo. He owed him anyways.


Kyungsoo was sitting on the couch, Jongin's head was in his lap. It had been a month since Kyungsoo's mom passed away and it was all quiet and peaceful. Kyungsoo had Jongin, he was okay, he had Jongin.

"Hyung." Jongin said suddenly.

"Yes?" Kyungsoo sighed.

"I love you." Jongin mumbled.

Kyungsoo smiled and stroked the younger's hair.

"I love you too."

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