Chapter 5:

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Kyungsoo had been left to run the cafe by himself since Sehun took off running after finding that Jongin had left one thousand dollars on the table. He had closed up, but Sehun had not returned. He pulled out his cellphone and scrolled through the contacts. He stopped when he saw a new contact on his phone. Kim Jongin. Kyungsoo shook his head and found Sehun and called him. But he got no answer, Kyungsoo frowned and called again, but again, there was no answer. Two minutes later, he got a phone call, but not from Sehun.

"Uhm, hello?" Kyungsoo asked.

"Hello, is this Do Kyungsoo?" someone said.

"Yes, is something wrong?" Kyungsoo asked.

"Yes, I'm police officer Joonmyeon. Do you know anyone by the name of Oh Sehun?" the man asked.

"Yes, he lives with he alright?" Kyungsoo asked, now worried.

"Uhm...You should come down to the police station, we have some news." Joonmyeon said.

And with that, Kyungsoo heard Joonmyeon hung up. Now utterly worried, Kyungsoo grabbed his keys and dashed out the door and down to the station. There, he was greeted by Joonmyeon. He wasn't much taller than Kyungsoo, and had a gentle, warm smile. He placed a hand on Kyungsoo's shoulder and led him to a small room. Kyungsoo sat down on one side of the table that sat in the middle of the room and Joonmyeon sat on the other. Joonmyeon placed a hand on Kyungsoo's.

"Excuse me, but where is Sehun?" Kyungsoo asked.

Joonmyeon gave a sad look, "Oh Sehun was killed, eariler this night, shot by an unknown person."

Kyungsoo froze, unable to believe what he had heard, Sehun couldn't be dead, he couldn't be. He was perfectly fine when he was at the cafe. This was some sort of cruel joke, soon enough, Sehun would walk through the door with that stupid, loving smirk on his face and laugh at his hyung.

But he never did.

Kyungsoo felt hot tears run down his cheeks, his hands were shaking. Joonmyeon clasped his hands over Kyungsoo's in comfort. 

"W-Where was he k-killed? W-Who?..Why?" Kyungsoo sobbed.

Joonmyeon sighed, "A black market, we don't know who did shoot him, but someone was hovering over his body when we arrived." 

Kyungsoo looked up with red eyes, "Who was with him?"

"Kim Jongin." Joonmyeon answered.

Kyungsoo was in another room, it was exactly like the one before, a mirror on one wall, a small table in the middle. Two chairs on each side, except this time, instead of Joonmyeon sitting in front of him, Kim Jongin was.

"Why?" Kyungsoo whispered.

Jongin didn't look up, "We didn't mean to end up there, he was walking with me, thanking for the money. I knew where we were I tried to get him to go home, but..he..he didn't listen to me.. I'm so sorry Kyungsoo hyung, I'm so sorry. It's my fault he's dead." 

Kyungsoo tried to forced the tears back down, "Who shot him Jongin."

"Xiumin, that's his name in the underground, I don't know his real name." Jongin mumbled, fumbling with the handcuffs around his wrists. 

Kyungsoo looked over his shoulder back at the mirror, he had seen the shows. He knew that Joonmyeon and another one, a brunette he caught a glimpse of since he was unusually tall, who was named Chanyeol, were behind it. Joonmyeon asked Kyungsoo to talk to Jongin since Jongin wouldn't talk to Chanyeol. Kyungsoo sighed and turned his eyes back to Jongin. Jongin was looking at him, red eyed and had the look of a sad puppy.

"I'm sorry hyung." Jongin whispered.

Kyungsoo was sitting behind Jongin in a courtroom a week later. Jongin had been charged with petty theft crimes and assault. He was facing five years in prison if found gulity. Kyungsoo fiddled with his fingers, waiting for the verdict of bail. The judge was sitting back, watching Jongin's expressions that Kyungsoo couldn't see. A man walked in and handed the judge a piece of paper. The man cleared his throat and all eyes were on him.

"Bail has been set at 2,250 dollars. Case dismissed." the judge said.

Jongin hung his head and was led out. Kyungsoo looked around, and then dashed home to the cafe. He open the register and counted the money along with the one thousand dollars that Jongin gave him. It was exactly 2,250. Kyungsoo could bail him out. He smiled a bit and went back to the courthouse. A man led him into the judge's chambers. Kyungsoo handed the man the money.

"This is for Kim Jongin's bail." Kyungsoo said.

The man nodded and two days later Kyungsoo was leaning against his car, waiting for Jongin. Two police and Jongin walked out. His hair was a brown mess and he was wearing torn faded jeans and a white t-shirt with black sneakers. Kyungsoo smiled a bit. Jongin looked down at his feet.

"Why'd you bail me out?" Jongin mumbled.

"One thousand of it was yours anyways, stop sulking and get in the car, kid." Kyungsoo chuckled.

The taller boy stared at him and smiled a bit, "Okay hyung."

Kyungsoo sat down in the drivers seat and Jongin sat next to him, he smiled a bit a Jongin, but his only thought was:

I'm sorry Mom.

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