Chapter 6:

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Jongin was leaning his head against Kyungsoo's car window, smiling, Kyungsoo had freed him. And that was a debt he wouldn't be able to repay. Unless, he caught Xiumin and Luhan. They had killed Sehun, and he wanted revenge. Jongin noticed Kyungsoo had drove straight past Kyungsoo's cafe, he never did learn the name. Jongin couldn't read English, and was utterly confused.

"Hyung, we passed your cafe." Jongin mumbled.

"EXO Cafe." Kyungsoo replied.

"What?" Jongin asked.

"EXO Cafe," Kyungsoo repeated, "I'm guessing you don't know English."

Jongin fell silent, he never bothered to try and learn it. 

"I..have to visit someone first." Kyungsoo whispered.

Jongin turned his attention back to the elder, "Who?"

"My mom." Kyungsoo mumbled, his grip tightening on the steering wheel.

Jongin blinked, Kyungsoo looked uncomfortable and worried. Which made Jongin worried, but he was afraid of asking about her. Kyungsoo pulled into the hospital parking lot and climbed out. Jongin looked around, confused. Kyungsoo bent his head down and gave Jongin a quizcial look.

"Are you not coming?" Kyungsoo asked.

Jongin smiled a small smile and got out. Kyungsoo wrapped his arm around Jongin's shoulders and bowed to a nurse behind a desk. The lady smiled and looked over to Jongin.

"Ah, Kyungsoo-ah, who is this?" the lady asked.

"Oh, Dr. Dara, this is Kim Jongin, he's my friend." Kyungsoo said, smiling.

The woman, Dara, nodded and got up, leading them down a hall and to an elevator. Jongin glanced at Kyungsoo, who was frowning and confused. 

"Dara unnie, isn't my mom?.." Kyungsoo asked, wnadering off.

"She had to be moved, her heart has gotten worse." Dara sighed.

Kyungsoo started fidgeting, "H-How much is the transplant surgery?"

"Five thousand." Dara answered, quietly.

Kyungsoo sighed, closing his eyes. Jongin stared at him, now knowing why Sehun used to go to black markets and steal. For Kyungsoo, for his mom. Jongin felt a  pang of gulity. He had stolen from EXO Cafe before, he had stolen from Kyungsoo who need the money for his mom. Jongin reached for Kyungsoo's hand and gave it a reassuring sqeeze. Kyungsoo glanced at him and sighed. Dara seemed to notice the small action.

"It's nice you've found a boyfriend." she said.

"W-What we-we aren't dating. I'm-I'm not like that." Kyungsoo mumbled.

Dara smiled a bit, "No need to lie, I've seen the way you've looked at Doctor Byun."

Kyungsoo mumbled something and Dara lowered her voice, whispering something to Kyungsoo, that Jongin didn't hear. The doors opened and Dara led them down the white hallway and opened the door. A man was hunched over a woman. He turned and stood up, smiling. He had white teeth and a warm smile. His hair was a dirty blonde that stuck up in places and he was wearing, eyelinerJongin found it amusing that a doctor wore eyeliner. He bowed slightly and Jongin thought he looked like a puppy. A pretty puppy.

"Ah, Kyungsoo-ah, who's this?" the man asked.

"Baekhyun, this is Jongin." Kyungsoo said.

Jongin and Baekhyun shook hands, Kyungsoo had sat down next to the bed and Jongin noticed the woman looked a lot like Kyungsoo. So, this was his mom. Her eyes were closed and a mask was over her face, but Jongin realized she was still utterly beautiful. Kyungsoo was whispering things in English Jongin didn't understand. Baekhyun and Dara had left a while ago. Kyungsoo suddenly stood up and looked over at Jongin.

"We have to go now." Kyungsoo said.

He walked out and Jongin silently followed. They said goodbye to Dara and Baekhyun, returning to the cafe and headed up to Kyungsoo's apartment. Kyungsoo opened the door and let Jongin in. He stared at Jongin for a moment.

"Do you want to live here, with me?" Kyungsoo asked.

Jongin stared at him, shocked.

"Well?" Kyungsoo asked.

"I would love to." Jongin said, smiling.

He had a home. 

Jongin tossed and turned in his new bed, but he wasn't quite used to it yet. He sighed and laid there, then he heard Kyungsoo mumbling from his room. Jongin got up quietly and tiptoed to his hyung's room and cracked the door. Kyungsoo's back was to him. Though Jongin saw that he was holding a small teddy bear.

"Hey Sehun." Kyungsoo mumbled, petting the bear.

Jongin felt a pang in his chest.

"I miss you. That stupid smirk you do, and your pathetic jokes. I will find who took you from me. I never got to tell you." Kyungsoo continued.

Jongin leaned closer, curious.

"Damn it Oh Sehun, why did you have to go? Damn you, I love you Sehun." Kyungsoo whispered, his voice cracking.


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