Chapter 3:

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Kyungsoo was sitting down at one of his own tables in the now close cafe, reading a book. It was a quiet night since all customers had left, and the silence didn't bother Kyungsoo. The silence was nice since most people were loud and he could get headaches easily. He was almost completely lost in the book, until someone knocked on the door. Kyungsoo glanced up and saw a scared Sehun at his door. Kyungsoo got up quickly and opened the door. Sehun limped in, his face was bloody and bruised. Kyungsoo sat him down at a booth and went to get some damp cloths.

"Sehun-ah, what happen to you?" Kyungsoo asked.

Sehun shook his head, not looking him in the eyes. Kyungsoo sighed and tilted Sehun's chin up and dabbed his bleeding forehead gently. 

"Sehunnie, please, what did you do?" Kyungsoo murmured.

Sehun sighed and looked at him.

"I-I went back to t-the market." Sehun mumbled.

Kyungsoo frowned, "You know I don't want you going there!"

Sehun looked down, "But you need the money."

"I can get money other ways, but I sure as hell do not want you going near those markets again. Understand?" Kyungsoo muttered.

Sehun nodded quietly and Kyungsoo went back to dabbing the blood off of his friend's face and bandaged his side. Sehun yawned and Kyungsoo shook his head, shoving him up the stairs to bed. Kyungsoo went back to the booth and cleaned up the mess and picked up the book he was reading and placed it on the counter and the mess into the trash. He turned and noticed a figure standing outside. He walked towards the window, but as soon as he blinked the figure was gone. Kyungsoo sighed and shook his head, going upstairs. He walked up the stairs and heard the shower going and soft singing, he chuckled.

"Sehun-ah, do you need a towel?" Kyungsoo called out.

"Yes, hyung!" was the reply.

Kyungsoo smiled and walked to a small closet in the hallway and took out a towel and laid it down on the floor of the bathroom. He walked back to his own room and changed his clothes to a pair of sweatpants and laid down on the bed. Sleep came easily.

Kyungsoo was walking along some corridor, it was white, too white. Almost blinding. Kyungsoo kept walking until he saw a door on his left, he opened it. Unlike the blinding white hallway, this room was dark, the only light from a heart beat monitor. Kyungsoo looked around for a light switch and turned on the light. A woman was lying on the hospital bed, a breath masking over her face. Her eyes were closed and her skin was pale and flawless, her face outlined by the long, silky black hair that fell around her. Kyungsoo froze.

"U-Umma? Umma.." Kyungsoo murmured.

He stepped forward and took her hand in his. At his touch, her hand crumpled to dust.

"N-No!! Mom! Mom!!" Kyungsoo screamed, grabbing her wrist.

Again, at the touch, she crumpled to dust, nothing but a breathing mask on a pile of ash.

"Mom!!!" Kyungsoo shrieked.

Someone was shaking Kyungsoo violently, his eyes snapped open. He was face to face with Sehun, whose face was full of worry and concern. Kyungsoo was shaking and sweating.

"Hyung, are you okay?" Sehun whispered.

Kyungsoo nodded, "Just a nightmare."

Sehun frowned and stared for a moment longer, Kyungsoo said nothing but laid back down. Sehun sighed and turned to leave, but Kyungsoo cleared his throat.

"Sehun-ah..could you stay here, for tonight?" Kyungsoo mumbled.

Sehun gave a small smile and Kyungsoo scooted over, giving Sehun some room. Sehun laid down next to him and wrapped his arms around the elder. Kyungsoo sighed and closed his eyes. 

He awoke in the bed alone, and could hearing movement in the kitchen. He hauled himself up and swung his legs over and stood up, yawning and stretching. He half sleep walked out of his room to the kitchen. He ruffled his hair and yawned again.

"Morning." he mumbled.

Sehun turned and gave him a bruised smile, "Morning."

Kyungsoo sat down and ate the cereal Sehun had set out in front of him. Kyungsoo ate quickly and went to get changed and shower, when he enter the livingroom again, Sehun was dressed in the cafe uniform. Kyungsoo frowned and stared at the younger.

"Don't you have school today?" Kyungsoo asked, fixing his tie.

"Yes, but I can take a day off and help you, anyways, it should be you going to school. You're a lot smarter than me anyways." Sehun said.

Kyungsoo sighed and shook his head, "We open in ten minutes."

Sehun nodded and got up. Kyungsoo huffed and grabbed Sehun's tie, fixing it for him.

"Yah, hyung, I can fix my own tie." Sehun grumbled.

Kyungsoo rolled his eyes and headed downstairs and went to fix up the cafe. Sehun followed, his bruises hidden behind make-up he had applied. Kyungsoo frowned and then went to flip the sign to OPEN. Instantly, a few people walked in, ordering morning coffee and some small pastries. Sehun helped Kyungsoo take orders until one boy walked in. He was dressed in torn jeans and a white t-shirt and black sneakers. Kyungsoo had felt Sehun's body go rigid and he froze.

"Sehun, what's wrong?" Kyungsoo asked, concerned.

"That's the boy who beat me.." Sehun mumbled.

Kyungsoo stared at the boy, and realized he knew who he was. He was the one from a few nights ago.

Kim Jongin.

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