Chapter 2:

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Jongin eyes fluttered open when sunlight poured through a window. He sat up and looked around, this room wasn't familiar, and Jongin felt panic rising inside of him. He looked around, then remembered what happen. That boy had let him stay the night. What was his name? Do..Do..Do Kyungsoo. Jongin smiled, the name fit the boy. He tossed the covers off his legs and stood up, stretching. He looked over and spotted his clothes sitting on top of the dresser, neatly folded. Jongin smiled. He walked over and noticed the box of cigarettes was missing. He walked out of the bedroom and into the small space of a livingroom and noticed that the smaller still hadn't woken. He disappeared back into the bedroom and changed quickly. He walked into the kitchen and scribbled down a small thanks on a sticky note and stuck it on the fridge before disappearing out the door.

Thank you for everything Do Kyungsoo. But I can't stay, I'm not a good person. Maybe I'll see you again.

-Kim Jongin

Jongin was sitting on a park bench, with a cigarette between his fingers. He watched from afar the little kids running and squealing with happiness. He smiled a bit. It had been a while since he had felt happiness like that. Someone sitting down next to him took him away from his thoughts. He looked up. The male next to him had near flawless, pale skin. He was taller than Jongin and had dirty blonde hair. Jongin knew who he was.

"Hello, Kris." Jongin said, looking away.

Kris smiled at him, but there was no warmth behind it.

"Hello, Kai." Kris said, the stupid smirk still plastered onto his face.

Jongin narrowed his eyes. Kai was a nickname, used in the underground world of thiefs and black markets. Kris was one of the most notorious people known to the underground, so what did he want with him?

"What do you want?" Jongin asked.

Kris chuckled, "I want you to do me a favor."

Jongin waited to hear what the favor was. He took another drag of his cigarette, his eyes staring at Kris.

"You know of Sehun, right?" Kris asked.

Jongin nodded, Sehun wasn't someone the underground worried about, he was just there. Occasionally he would rob some stores, but he wasn't some drug lord or big thief, the kid was only sixteen. Only a year younger than Jongin.

"What about him, he's no threat." Jongin said.

Kris chuckled, "Of course he isn't, but he's been running his mouth about me, talking shit. Honestly it's just plain annoying and I would beat him up for it, but I would be wasting my time, so. I want you to do it for me."

Beating people up, that's what Jongin, well Kai, was known for. He could put people in the hospital, or kill them. Though he never has killed anyone, the hopital, not so much.

"He's just a sixteen year old airhead, not like he can do damage." Jongin muttered.

Kris sighed and took a cigarette, "Two-thousand dollars, that's how much I'll pay. You don't have to put him in the hospital. Just beat some sense into him."

Jongin sighed and thought for a moment, two thousand seemed like a good deal, and he wouldn't do much damage. So, Jongin agreed. Kris smiled and nodded, handing him the money, and leaving, as if nothing happened. Jongin looked down and pocketed the money. He got up and stretched, Jongin knew of the places Sehun would be, so he decided to head there and wait.

Jongin was waiting along a dark alley that led to one of the black markets scattered across Seoul. Two boys across from Jongin were in a heated conversation over something, but Jongin couldn't understand since it was in Chinese. Jongin knew the two, they used to go to school with him, and like Jongin, were dropouts for various reasons. One had high cheekbones and brunette hair that swept off to the side of his forehead, Chen was his name. The other had droopy eyes and black hair, that was Lay. Chen looked over, noticing Jongin looking at them.

"Ah, Kai, haven't seen you in a while." Chen said, smiling.

Jongin smiled, Chen was a pretty nice guy, he just got pulled into the wrong crowd. 

"Nice to see you too." Jongin said.

Everyone in the underground knew Chen was of no threat, he didn't steal or anything. He just tried to keep Lay out of danger or doing something stupid. Those two had been best friends since forever, so it was only natural that Chen would've followed Lay to something like this.

"Who are you waiting for anyways?" Chen asked, giving up on whatever him and Lay had been fighting about.

"Sehun." Jongin answered.

"Oh that kid should be here soon." Chen said, not bothering to ask why.

Jongin nodded, leaving Chen and Lay to their bickering. After a while, Jongin spotted a tall, pale, rainbow haired boy. Sehun. Jongin walked forward and grabbed Sehun by the collar. Sehun was surprised and tried jumping back.

"You've been talking about Kris, haven't you?" Jongin hissed, not showing his face.

Sehun snorted and rolled his eyes. Jongin swung, his fist contacting Sehun's jaw. Sehun stumbled back, shocked. Jongin kicked his shin and Sehun fell. Jongin decided to kick him in the side and head a few times, until Sehun was whimpering in pain, unable to move. Jongin bent down and grabbed Sehun's collar, forcing him to sit up. Jongin stared at the rainbow haired boy and sighed.

"Do me a favor, Oh Sehun." Jongin hissed.

Sehun stared at him.

"Stay away from these places, don't get sucked in. Do not come back. Ever." Jongin hissed.

Sehun nodded, Jongin hauled the younger up and the younger scrambled away, limping slightly. Jongin sighed as he watched him go. He could only hope Sehun would stay away, he didn't want him to end up like Kim Jongin.

Jongin was aimlessly walking around when he passed by a familiar cafe, it was the one from last night. He saw Kyungsoo talking to another boy, dapping his face with a wet cloth. Jongin noticed the rainbow hair. Kyungsoo was tending to Sehun's wounds that he had caused. And for some odd reason, for the first time in a long time. Jongin felt guilty of his actions.

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