Chapter 1:

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The hooded boy was sitting at one of the booths, the hood no longer on his head. Revealing a mess of brunette hair and sunken eyes and plump lips. The smaller sat across from him, doe-eyed with heart shaped lips, his brown hair set neatly on top his head. His pale hands handed the tanner one a drink. The hoodie boy took a sip. Hot chocolate. The warmth of the drink and the shop washed away the coldness he felt eariler. The smaller, paler one cleared his throat.

"Why were you out there in that rain?" he asked.

The sunken eyes fell on the smaller, the plump lips curved into a sad smile.

"I have no where to go as of now." was his reply.

The smaller seemed confused, but didn't want to pry.

"I'm Do Kyungsoo, I own this shop, you're lucky I let you in." the smaller said.

"Kim Jongin, thank you, by the way." the taller said.

Kyungsoo nodded and stood up, Jongin watched him as he disappeared behind a counter, then reappeared with some pastries. He walked back and set them down in front of Jongin, whose sunken eyes stared at him.

"Don't look at me like that, anyone within five miles from here could hear your stomach growling." Kyungsoo teased.

That caused Jongin to smile, he took one of the pastries and bit into it, sweetness filled his mouth, causing the corners of the plump lips to turn upward into another smile. Silence settled over them as Jongin ate and drank, all while Kyungsoo just watched his doe eyes following Jongin's every move. The only time his eyes left Jongin was when Jongin was done eating and Kyungsoo took the tray and empty glass back to the kitchen. Jongin stood up and sighed, now full and happy. Kyungsoo was washing the countertops, acting as if he wasn't even there. Like he was a shadow.

"Thank you, Kyungsoo." Jongin murmured.

"You said you have no where to go, correct?" Kyungsoo said.

Jongin paused for a moment, then nodded. Kyungsoo looked up from the countertops and stared at him.

"My apartment is right above here, I have an extra bedroom, if you want to stay for tonight, it's still raining pretty badly." Kyungsoo offered.

Jongin blinked, surprised by the offer. After a moment of thinking, Jongin accepted the offer. Kyungsoo smiled and led him upstairs. The apartment was small and clean. Kyungsoo opened the door to one of the rooms. There was a small bed and a dresser.

"You can stay here for tonight, the bathroom is across the hall. If you want I can wash those clothes and give you some of mine." Kyungsoo said.

Jongin nodded and walked to the bathroom, Kyungsoo followed and turned on th shower for him. He closed the door and Jongin got into the shower. He heard the door open as Kyungsoo took his clothes, and replaced them with a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. Kyungsoo walked down the hall and opened the washer machine, going through the pockets making sure a phone wasn't in there. Instead, Kyungsoo found the box of cigarettes. Kyungsoo sighed and laid them on top of the washer when he closed the lid. He went into Jongin's room for the night and fixed the sheets, when he heard someone cough behind him. He turned and saw Jongin, dressed in just the pants. He had a very nice upper body, with some tattoos covering his forearms. Kyungsoo nodded and closed the door.

"Kyungsoo, thank you." Jongin said, as Kyungsoo left.

Jongin laid down on the bed and smiled, he wasn't sure the last time he actually slept in a bed was, and was asleep in a instant. Kyungsoo was sitting at the kitchen table. He had the pack of cigarettes in his hands, turning it over and over. He sighed and threw them away. Heading to his room he laid down and closed his eyes, but sleep never came.



So this is the first chapter and all, and what do you guys think? Should I do it from Kyungsoo's or Jongin's point of view? Also, I would absolutely love it if you guys will comment.

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