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It was raining. Pouring down. Soaking a dark grey hoodie that hid sunken eyes. Dampening a lit cigarette. The soaking figure paid no attention to the numbing coldness that was enveloping him. He moved quietly, slipping past people running to get out of the rain. They paid no attention to him, he was nothing but a shadow on the wall.

A warm scent of coffee flooded the small shop. A small boy moved from the kitchen to the customers, smiling and laughing. Mixing drinks and handing out sweets. People laughed and so did he. Vibrant, happy, people noticed him like a rainbow after a storm.

The hooded boy could no longer ignore the coldness that surrounded him like a blanket, he knocked on the door, even though the small shop sign said CLOSED. A smaller boy walked up to the door, unlocking it. The hooded figure was surprised by the grace of the smaller one.

This was their first meeting.

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