Chapter 7:

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Jongin froze, had he just heard correctly? Kyungsoo was in love with Sehun. Jongin gulped and started closing the door.

"Jongin I know you're there." Kyungsoo said.

Jongin froze again, then opened the door. Kyungsoo was facing him, his doe eyes staring into his. Jongin looked down at his feet. Kyungsoo shifted a bit and patted the space next to him.

"Lay down." Kyungsoo mumbled.

Jongin hesitated, but gave in and laid down next to Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo shifted and Jongin carefully wrapped an arm around the smaller boy.

"Hyung, is it true? You love Sehun?" Jongin asked quietly.

"Yes, it is. I miss him a lot, but I'll be okay. I have you." Kyungsoo murmured.

Jongin smiled and stroked Kyungsoo's hair, "Yeah, you have me."

Jongin kept stroking his hair until Kyungsoo fell back to sleep. Jongin laid awake a little while longer. He kept thinking, about how Kyungsoo loved Sehun. Jongin felt tears prick at his eyes, it was his fault Sehun was dead. It was his fault that the one who Kyungsoo loved was gone. Jongin felt the tears fall for a moment or two, then he wiped them away. Closing his eyes, he held Kyungsoo closer and sighed, falling asleep.

When Jongin woke up, Kyungsoo was gone. For a moment, he panicked, but then relaxed when he heard shuffling and singing from the kitchen. Jongin stretched and got up quietly and poked his head out the door, then made his way to the kitchen. Kyungsoo's back was to him, and Jongin heard Kyungsoo humming a small tune. Jongin smiled.

"Morning hyung." he said.

Kyungsoo turned and smiled, "Morning sleepyhead."

Jongin sat down and Kyungsoo handed him a plate full of bacon, eggs, and toast. Jongin grinned and nearly ate it in one bite. Kyungsoo chuckled and leaned against the counter.

"You look like a mess." Kyungsoo chuckled.

Jongin glanced up at the elder, he had a piece of toast in his mouth and he knew his hair was sticking up in places. He grinned and finished the last piece of toast. Kyungsoo seemed to be averting his eyes and Jongin looked down, realizing he was shirtless. Jongin smirked.

"Hyung, you ok?" Jongin asked.

Kyungsoo glanced at him, nodding, but Jongin noticed the flushed cheeks. Jongin stood and smiled.

"I'm going to shower, care to join?" he asked.

Kyungsoo's eyes widen and he opened his mouth, then closed it, shaking his head. Jongin shrugged and got up. He headed towards the bathroom and closed the door. 

Kyungsoo P.O.V

Kyungsoo shook his head, that arrogant kid, asking him to shower. Kyungsoo cleaned up the plates Jongin left on the table. He swallowed a lump that was forming in his throat due to the memories of doing this with Sehun. Kyungsoo shook his head, and finished cleaning the kitchen. He sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. A few minutes later he looked up to see a half-naked Jongin walk into the room.

"Yah, go put clothes on." Kyungsoo grumbled, lifting a hand over his eyes.

Jongin chuclked and when Kyungsoo moved his hand, Jongin had on a shirt.

"Thank you." Kyungsoo huffed.

Jongin laid down on the couch, resting his head in Kyungsoo's lap. Kyungsoo grumbled, but stroked the younger's hair.

"Hyung, can we go somewhere?" Jongin asked.

"Like where?" Kyungsoo sighed.

This kid was so demanding. Jongin smiled at him and Kyungsoo couldn't help but smile also, he had a beautiful smile.

"The beach!" Jongin yelled.

"That's a two hour drive. How about a cafe or something?" Kyungsoo suggested.

Jongin pouted and Kyungsoo chuckled.

"Fine, let's go to a cafe." Jongin said, sitting up.

Kyungsoo nodded and Jongin grabbed Kyungsoo's hand, basically dragging him off the couch. Kyungsoo huffed and Jongin grinned like a child. Jongin clung to Kyungsoo's hand and Kyungsoo led Jongin to the cafe. Kyungsoo opened the door, Jongin pulled him into the small cafe and the two sat down.

"You're so hyper." Kyungsoo chuckled.

Jongin smiled, "You're just nice to be around."

Kyungsoo smiled and Jongin ordered two chocolate bubble teas. The waitress nodded and winked at him, but Jongin didn't notice, he was staring at Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo couldn't help but chuckle at the angry waitress. She brought back the teas and handed to them. Jongin thanked her and so did Kyungsoo.

"Is it good?" Jongin asked.

Kyungsoo nodded, he had already drank half of it, but Jongin had barely drank it at all.

"Jongin-ah, are you okay?" Kyungsoo asked, "You haven't touched your bubble tea at all."

Jongin stared at him and smiled again, "I'm just enjoying the view."

Kyungsoo blinked, confused, the window was facing Jongin's back so what view was he enjoying-oh. Kyungsoo's cheeks flared a bit and sipped his drink. After the cafe, they headed back to Kyungsoo's apartment. Jongin had been watching Kyungsoo for most of the time. Kyungsoo turned and was about to ask him soemthing. But Jongin was standing incredibly close to Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo blushed and back up, but was trapped by the locked front door.

"J-Jongin?" Kyungsoo said.

Jongin stepped closer. Jongin's body was pressed against Kyungsoo's and Kyungsoo was utterly shocked.

"I'm sorry hyung," Jongin whispered, "But I love you."

Then, Jongin pressed his lips against Kyungsoo's.

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