Chapter 4:

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Jongin slid into one of the cafes booths and waited for someone to take his order. He pretended not to notice the stares from the taller boy, Sehun, or from Kyungsoo. He waited until Kyungsoo finished with the other orders because Jongin knew Sehun wouldn't come over to him. Eventually, Kyungsoo made his way to Jongin's table.

"How may I help you?" Kyungsoo asked.

Jongin noticed that Kyungsoo's black hair was pushed back and swept off to the side and had thick-rimmed glasses on and it made Kyungsoo look oh so attractive. Jongin blinked, hoping he wasn't blushing at the thought he had and noticed Kyungsoo was waiting for him to order.

"Uh, hot chocolate." Jongin mumbled.

Kyungsoo nodded and scribbled it down quickly. Jongin watched as the boy retreated into the kitchen, straining to hear what he and Sehun were arguing about.

"Hyung, how much money do we have so far?" Sehun asked.

"Around 300." Kyungsoo answered.

"That's not enough! I should go back to the markets, we can get money that way." Sehun said.

"Hell no, you're not going back there ever, you got beat up by a guy that is sitting in this cafe." Kyungsoo grumbled.

"But we need at least a thousand more!" Sehun hissed.

Jongin blinked, he didn't know what they need the money for, but he wanted to help. He thought for a moment, then realized he still had the two thousand that Kris had paid him for beating up Sehun. He dug into his pocket and pulled out a thousand, making sure to not let anyone see how much he actually had. He laid it down on the table and took the napkin and scribbled on it.

I heard you needed some money, Kyungsoo hyung. So I left some here, please use it well.

-Kim Jongin

He got up and took the hot chocolate with him. He walked outside and smiled, he felt good. He walked down the road and ran into someone. He almost yelled until he recongized who he was. Kris.

"Kris hyung, what do I owe the pleasure of meeting you?" Jongin said, calmly.

Kris chuckled and looked down at him, "Since when was Kai so polite?"

Jongin sighed, "What do you want?"

Kris smirked, "Luhan and Xiumin want to see you."

And with that, Kris turned his heel and left. Jongin blinked, confused. Luhan and Xiumin were two of Kris's 'friends'. They were both older than Jongin, by a few years, though they looked almost younger than him. Luhan and Xiumin looked innocent, but they were far from it. Jongin looked around for the two, since Kris said nothing of where they wanted to meet Jongin. Jongin saw no sign of them, so he kept walking, until someone was shouting his name. He turned, surprised by who it was. Sehun.

"S-Sehun?" he stammered.

Sehun ran up to him, breathing a bit heavy from running. Sehun bent over a bit, catching his breath, then straighten himself up again.

"Why did you give us that money?" Sehun asked, bluntly.

Jongin smiled, "I overheard you and Kyungsoo talking about needing money and I had some, so why not." 

Sehun frowned, "There has to be something more- wait, do you like Kyungsoo?"

Jongin's mouth popped open, "What, no! I barely know you two!"

Sehun rolled his eyes, "I saw you staring at his new hairstyle, which I did, so welcome."

Blunt brat, Jongin thought. He shook his head, he didn't like Kyungsoo, he barely knew him.

"I barely know him." Jongin muttered.

"Love at first sight, Jongin." Sehun chuckled.

The two boys had been walking down the street, ending up in a shady part of Seoul. Sehun looked around, a little worried. Jongin knew Kyungsoo didn't want Sehun at places like this. Jongin wrapped an arm around the younger's shoulder, and walked forward. It was a smaller market, so there wouldn't be as many thiefs. Sehun glanced around, noticing two people staring at them.

"Hyung, who are they?" Sehun asked.

Jongin looked over, two boys were standing there. One was a light red head with slight female features, almost looked like a deer. Luhan. The other had a round face and a sweet, yet unloving smile. Xiumin. Jongin froze, he had to get Sehun out. If anything, Luhan and Xiumin always had a weapon on them, and whoever they wanted to see, wouldn't get away without getting hurt. Sehun looked over at Jongin.

"I'm not leaving you here." Sehun muttered.

Jongin sighed, "Kyungsoo said you shouldn't be in places like this."

Luhan and Xiumin walked over, smiling at Jongin.

"Ah, Kai. How nice to see you." Xiumin said.

Jongin nodded, and Luhan looked over to Sehun.

"Xiu hyung, what about him." Luhan grumbled.

"Well, he already knows we're here, so we can't let him leave." Xiumin said.

Luhan walked around Jongin and Sehun muttering in Chinese. Sehun was a little frightened, and was fidgeting. Jongin noticed and looked at Xiumin.

"Xiumin hyung, please, this kid has nothing to do with whatever this is, let him go." Jongin said, calmly.

That earned him a punch to the face, Jongin stumbled back, holding his jaw. Sehun jumped into action and grabbed Xiumin by the collar and punched him in the jaw in return. Luhan took the butt of his gun and hit Sehun in the head. Jongin grabbed Luhan's gun and Luhan and him fell to the ground. Sehun and Xiumin were struggling over something. But Jongin couldn't see about what. Suddenly, a loud bang rang out throughout the market. Xiumin leapt back, and Sehun fell to the ground. Luhan took off with Xiumin and Jongin scrambled over to Sehun. There was a pool of blood by his side, Jongin shook his head.

"No, no. Sehun-ah, look at me, you'll be okay." Jongin mumbled.

Sehun shook his head, " Kyungsoo...please. He can't lose her..not after me.." Sehun whispered.

Jongin shook his head, crying. Sehun closed his eyes and his chest stopped moving. Jongin laid his head on Sehun's chest crying. 

"No, Sehun come back. You're only sixteen, come back." Jongin whimpered.

Police sirens were heard in the distance. Jongin laid there with Sehun's body until police came, prying him off and putting Sehun in a body bag and Jongin in handcuffs.

"Kim Jongin, you're under arrest for stealing and illegal trade." a policeman said.

But all Jongin saw was Sehun in a pool of his own blood.

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