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     ❝    After sara died, I felt so alone

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After sara died, I felt so alone. My mom left and I suppose, part of my dad left too. It's a horrible feeling. Loneliness. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

The Hoppers were a very secluded pair. The father, Jim Hopper, Chief of the Hawkins PD, at only forty had lived somewhat of a unpredictable life. The Chief had served in Vietnam, suffered some mentally changing horrors and lost many people in his life.

          He had became somewhat of a closed off book after the death of his younger daughter, whom had only been seven when she had died from cancer — a life changing event that had torn apart the rest of the family; leaving Mary without a sister at only nine and with divorced parents.

            Mary hadn't been used to the hectic life that followed after Sara's death. In which, their mother moved out of their suburban house next door to the Harrington's and no more than two months later, her father had given up the four bedroom house due to not having enough money to keep it up.

             Mary had waned to stay with her beloved dad, because before Sara's death she and her father had the greatest relationship. Where he would go to the football games she and her best friend Steve would play and he would drive her off to sleepovers.

               But the months following after Sara's death, Jim Hopper had changed. He relied on medication to keep him awake all day and alcohol to keep him asleep all night. He got more agitated, more angry — he became someone who wasn't really a father or a Chief. He was a cocoon of his old self.

             As for Mary, the child hadn't coped well with her sisters death. She had became cold and distant, she stopped smiling as brightly and laughing as loudly. She found herself taking a draw of her first cigarette at the age of ten, her first drink of alcohol a while after she had turned eleven.

              Mary Hopper had became toxic, for herself and those around her. As she got older, some whispered that she were influenced by Steve Harrington. Others said she influenced him.

            But either way, they could always count on each other. He had been there for her each time she wanted to do something crazy that if her father weren't the Chief, she could be arrested for. He wouldn't stop her, no, he'd be by her side, accompanying her in doing whatever batshit crazy idea she had came up with to make her feel a little more alive.

            But when she and Steve began to be deemed as cool for all of their wild antics, they were quickly scooped up by the time they were in high school by the other kids that were above others. And soon, they became the King and Queen of Hawkins — a deadly friendship duo.

           Mary was a problem child, it were hard to deny it. But she weren't truly awful, not entirely. She were a little snarky, a little rude sometimes but overall, she were a good person. Just a little bit lost.

            At the time, when she had woken up on November 6th, she never would have thought that a little boy would go missing. Nor that it would make such an impact on her life and on her as a person. But yet, that's exactly what happened.


Ya'll, it's here! My well awaited Stranger Things fic, that I've been drafting since last year! It took me forever to want to write this, but the new season got me so hyped so here's this angsty and comedic fic.

I've already picked a love interest, but for the sake of surprise, I'm not letting ya'll know who it is! So you'll just have to go along with your suspicions on who you think it could be *wink wink*

Oh and Hopper only moved to Hawkins four years before the show starts, but for the purpose of my fic I decided that they used to live in the Hawkins suburbs before the death of Sara. And it was never really specified when she had died, so I kinda just winged that! Also I changed the actress who played their mum because we didn't really see much of her.

This book may have mature themes, such as ; cussing, racism, homophobia, violence and many more. That's not usually the kind of things I write, but this is the eighties and that was a lot of the things that went on a hell of a lot! It won't be brought up all the time, since that was mostly associated with Mike's group of friends and Mary is older and doesn't really "hangout" with the younger kids. She will definitely be swearing a lot, cause that's going to be Mary's second language.

Okay so, boring authors note over, I hope you's all enjoy this story and love Moody Mary as much as I do!

      Last thing though, how amazing is my cover earthxngel made me?! ily my absolute fave❤️ also dedicating this book to u and The100mazerunner , bc you's support the hell outta this story and ily's❤️

       Last last thing! Thank you ravenqueenz for the amazing trailer! I love it so much and I'm still so incredibly grateful you made it for me! It's beautiful!

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