Ch. 1 Happily Ever After

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This is the sequel to "Hands All Over". If you haven't read the first story, this one definitely won't make much sense.
It's still a work in progress so I can't promise updates will be as frequent, but I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think along the way!

"Daddy!" the loud whisper coupled with the tiny hand smacking his cheek had Juice's eyes flying open only to find his daughter's face just inches from his. The almost three year old girl had gotten a toddler bed a few months before and had been taking advantage of the fact she could easily get out of it and slip into bed with her parents.

Angela slyly rolled off of him, turning away in a manner that meant it was his turn to deal with Evie, something he'd yet to do successfully. Angela could get her back into her own bed with a few quick words and some tough love, but he just couldn't say no. The only time he'd carried her back to bed was after he'd gotten a swift kick to the balls from her squirming around. Even then, he'd ended up sleeping on her floor next to Rigor to protect her from monsters. This time was different, though. This time, he was determined to make her go back to her own bed all on his own.

"What's up, Eves? Why you outta bed?" he asked, his hand raking over her soft hair. Rigor, her bodyguard, was lying next to her, already half asleep as if he knew Juice wouldn't be able to kick her out.

"Bad dweam," she said, rubbing tiredly at her eyes. Her hair was sticking up on all sides of her head, and she was holding her favorite bull dog stuffed animal by its arm. "Need daddy love."

And there went his resolve. How could he deny his daughter love? It just didn't feel right. "Okay, Monk," he breathed, sitting up and grabbing her under the arms to lift her into their bed. "Up you go."

Her dark eyes lit up as she grinned at him, settling comfortably between him and her mother. Her little hand instantly went to Angela's shoulder, tapping lightly. "Mama," she whispered in Angela's ear. "Want love."

Angela gamely rolled over to face her, lifting her arm to allow her to snuggle in closer, the two of them sharing one pillow. Juice shook his head, sighing when Rigor jumped up on the bed and settled between them too. "So much for Daddy love," he grumbled, feeling just a little lonely on the other side of the bed.

"Push over," Angela murmured before she began humming softly to Evie.

Juice moved in closer, reaching over Evie to find his wife in the dark. His heart ached with love for both of his girls. Despite being safe in Texas for almost two years now, he still couldn't believe his incredible luck. He'd gotten out of Charming safe and sound. He was living the life he'd always wanted. "She out?"

"Like a light," she replied before letting out a long sigh. "You gotta stop lettin' her do this, baby."

Juice frowned a bit. "She wanted Daddy love. How do I say no to that?"

Angela smirked, tucking Evie's hair behind her ear. They both knew once Evie was asleep, she'd stay asleep; a trait she'd inherited from her daddy. "A little tough love, some snuggles in her bed, and she's fine. Plus, think of all the morning Mama love you could be getting if we woke up without this little monkey in our bed."

He raised an eyebrow at her suggestive comment, an idea popping into his head. "What are the odds she stays asleep if I carry her back to bed?"

"Pretty damn good. She sleeps like her daddy." She ran a finger down the slope of Evie's nose, smiling a bit when she snuggled in closer. " 'course you could also leave her here. Get away with it while we still can."

Juice smirked, reaching around Evie to set his hand on Angela's stomach. "Yeah, she'll have to deal with a little brother or sister soon."

"Yeah," she agreed around a laugh. He could feel her tense a bit and felt a hint of his own sadness. They'd been birth control free since they'd started their life together in Texas. They were ready for another baby, finally in a safe place to have one, yet it still wasn't happening. He knew Angela was worried something was wrong with her.

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