Ch. 2 Love In All Its Forms

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Happy hated seeing his Mom laid out on the hospital bed, hooked up to all sorts of shit. Hated that there was nothing he could do about it. Chloe had tried to make it look more homey. Making sure his Ma had her own private room, putting the sheets from home on her bed, and filling her room with plants. Anything she wanted, Chloe made sure she had. Happy was thankful for that; he might hate being in the damn room, but his Ma didn't seem to mind so much. She was sleeping peacefully now, though her breathing was more labored than usual, something he only knew because he couldn't stop watching the rise and fall of her chest. Chloe had assured him that his Ma was doing okay, that she had more time, but he was reluctant to believe her. If she was doing okay, they'd have let her go home.

He rubbed a hand over his face, fighting to keep his tired eyes open. It'd been a long time since he'd slept. Between his Ma and his club, he was always running around. He didn't need sleep though; he just needed his Ma to get better. If staying awake meant his Ma got everything she needed when she needed it, he was more than happy to stay awake for her. He'd catch a nap later when she went to her appointment. Not now.

"Want some company?" a voice said from the doorway.

He lifted his head to find Chloe leaning against the doorjamb, a concerned look on her face. She'd been his anchor since the first day his Mom had been admitted to the hospital, making sure he knew exactly what was going on without babying him. He knew she was the reason no one bothered him despite the fact he was there way past visiting hours, practically all day every day unless his club needed him. The only time he went home was at night sometimes to sleep. And even that was rare. Sitting back in his chair, he nodded in reply, too tired to say much more.

Her worried hazel eyes raked over him before she moved just within arm's distance of him, his mother's chart in her hands. He moved his hand to her thigh, just wanting to touch her in some way. For some reason, just being near her, touching her, eased the chaos going on in his mind. "She's not declining," Chloe stated, stepping closer to him knowing it was what he wanted.

Slowly, he pulled her down onto his lap, looking over the chart with her, one arm moving around her waist to stroke the soft skin of her stomach. "Ain't doin' better either," he muttered, staring at the nonsense on the paper in her hands.

"Stable is good, Hap," she assured him, her eyes focused on the paper. "Needs to be stable before she can get better."

He grunted in response; they both knew she wasn't going to get better, but he appreciated the sentiment. "Can we at least take 'er home?"

"Doc's want to keep her for a little while longer," she said, massaging the back of his neck as she kept reading. Happy let his head fall forward to give her fingers better access, closing his eyes for a moment and letting himself relax. He felt her lips brush across his temple. "Sleep, Hap. 'm here. I'll watch her."

Happy sighed, lifting his head to glance over at his Ma. She was still sleeping soundly, and he had no doubt, Chloe would stay there until he woke up. "You workin'?" he asked, though he knew the answer. She wasn't wearing scrubs, a clear indication she wasn't working, but he wanted to hear it from her.

"Nope," she answered on a sigh. "Just here for Lena. Sleep. I'll keep watch. Wake you if anything happens."

He knew she would do it too. Chloe had never once let him down when she said she was going to do something. He liked that about her. She didn't lie to him nor did she try to con him into doing things he didn't want to do. She was always straight up with him even though he couldn't always be so honest with her. He closed his eyes, tilting his head back against the chair. She shifted a bit, getting comfortable in his lap while she pulled a book from her purse. Another one of her murder-mysteries. He read it a bit over her shoulder before his eyes grew too tired to stay open, and he drifted off to sleep.

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