Ch. 4 Charming Life

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Angela waited on the threshold of her old house once again, emotionally and physically exhausted after spending all day with her aunt. She looked at her phone, smiling when she saw a picture of Bones, Ellie, Kenny, and Jazzy in her text messages. They were at the airport, waiting for their flights back to California. With the last minute change, Kenny and Jasmine weren't able to get on the same plane as the other two which meant Ellie and Bones would have to wait at the Oakland airport for the other couple's plane to land so they could all go home together. She'd offered to drive them all, but they'd insisted they'd be fine. She just wanted them to get there soon; Charming wasn't the same without her Scooby Gang.

Ringing the doorbell, she couldn't help but smile at the sound of little feet running toward the front door. Hopefully, Evie's day with her Abuela had gone well, and she was running towards the door because she was excited to tell her all about it. The door opened, and to her surprise, it wasn't Evie standing behind it but a little blonde boy with bright blue eyes. The spitting image of a mini Jax Teller. Those baby blues lit up when he saw her, a huge smile spreading across his little face. She grinned back at him, squatting so she was level with him. "Hey Abie-baby, you remember me?"

He smiled at her and nodded. "Hi Auntie Gee," he replied, almost shyly.

"You grew up on me, little man," she told him, ruffling his hair. Yes, his father had been responsible for Juice having to leave Charming, but he was also Tara's son, and she'd told her friend she'd look out for him as best she could. She'd forgotten that promise along the way, but now that she was in Charming, she swore she'd be better about checking in on the younger Tellers like she'd told Tara she would. "How you doin', kiddo? Havin' fun with Wendy and Nero?"

"Yeah!" he said, grabbing her hand and holding it as they walked into the house. "I go to school now at the ranch with Nero's animals."

"Oh yeah? Are you doin' well at school?" she asked, squeezing his little hand.

He nodded exaggeratedly in response. "I'm gonna be a doctor."

"Like his Mom, huh, Abel?" Nero put in with a grin as he walked into the living room from the kitchen. "Abel's a good boy. Watches out for his brother, keeps him in line. Don't you, mijo?"

Abel nodded again, letting go of Angela's hand when Graciela called him from the kitchen. She watched him leave with an eyebrow raised, glancing at Nero curiously. Nero shrugged a shoulder, his hands sliding into his pockets. "He likes helpin' your Ma cook. Tommy don't got the patience for it."

Angela couldn't believe her mother let him anywhere near the kitchen while she was cooking. Hell, she was shocked she was even cooking! It was rare she cooked a meal when Angela was growing up, much less allowed her to help. "Surprised she has the patience," she muttered more to herself than to him. "Where's my baby girl?"

"Playing with Thomas in her room," he answered, chuckling softly. "Those two have been playing all day."

She wondered if Juice would be okay with Evie and Thomas playing together. Thomas was only four years old, after all, and he'd barely known his father; it wasn't fair to judge him because of his asshole dad. "Good. I'm glad she's having fun. She's got two older primos, so she's used to messing around with boys." (cousins)

"I can tell. She don't let 'em boss her around," he told with a hint of pride. "How you doin' after seein' your Aunt? Know that wasn't easy for ya."

The question made her feel guilty as hell for some reason. She'd treated him like shit before she'd left that morning. All but spat in his face, and yet here he was asking if she was okay. She wanted to hate him for dating her mom, but she couldn't, not when he looked so honestly concerned about her. "I'm fine, thanks. It was nice to see her," she replied, twisting at her ring. "Can I...can I talk to you in private for a sec? Know my Ma's nosy ass is listenin' here."

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