Ch. 9 Lucky

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Happy sped down the road counting the mile markers as he went, thankful Angela had thought to tell them exactly where they were when they got run off the road. He spotted the skid marks just beyond the mile marker and stopped his Dyna, jumping off of it and running towards the crash site. The car was still smoking, flames licking at the hood. As he neared, he could hear Angela's ragged breathing over the cackling fire. He ran to the driver's side, ripping open the door to find his cousin still inside, her chest heaving as she struggled to breathe. "Hap," she wheezed, coughing a bit as she reached out a hand to him. "Can't...seatbelt..."

"Got you, kid. Hold on," he assured her, assessing the situation. Her skin was pale, lips quickly turning blue. There wasn't much blood on her which scared him. Visible injuries were easily fixed with some stitches and bandages; internal injuries were something no one in his club was equipped to handle. Taking out his bowie knife, he cut the seatbelt off of her and carefully scooped her out of the car, carrying her as far away from it as he could. Angela's breathing was getting worse as her eyes slid closed, her body becoming limp in his arms. "Angela! Open your eyes for me, c'mon!" he shouted at her, trying to get her to open her eyes again, panic filling him. If he lost her this way, he'd never forgive himself. Her eyes opened just barely, a soft groan escaping her lips. "Good. Stay with me, kid. You're okay."

Chibs ran over to him, a concerned look on his scarred face. "What's happenin'?"

"She can't breathe," he explained, slowly lowering her to the ground at Chibs' direction. "She's not bleedin' just..."

The Scot gently pulled up her shirt, carefully probing over her ribs before grimacing. "Must be a lung collapse. Need some kinda straw."

Happy hesitated, not wanting to leave his cousin's side. Thankfully, Quinn heard Chibs' instructions and went to go get what he requested. Meanwhile, Chibs pulled a flask from inside his cut, opening it and pouring the whiskey inside onto her skin and the knife to sanitize them. Quinn came back with Chloe's reusable plastic cup, screwing open the cap and pulling out the plastic straw. Chibs sanitized it too before kneeling down next to Angela, feeling along her ribs again. " 'm gonna make a cut, put the straw in. Should relieve some pressure, get her breathin' again."

Happy brushed the hair away from her face, holding tightly to her hand as he nodded in understanding. "C'mon, kid," he said, focused on her face instead of what Chibs was doing.

He heard a hiss of air before blood came pouring out of her side, she gasped, coughing a bit as she came to. Chibs cursed under his breath, shaking his head at amount of blood still coming out of the incision. "Think it's punctured," he explained with a grim look. "We gotta get her to the hospital. Now."

Happy looked down at his little cousin, slowly getting to his feet with her in his arms. "Breathe, kid. You're okay. Gonna get you to St. Thomas. Just hold on."

She grasped at his t-shirt with a bloodied hand tugging it to get him to look down at her. "Hap, 'm..."

"Best not to talk righ' now, love," Chibs said, still looking nervous. He met Happy's gaze. "This isn't good, brotha. Get her in the van. We gotta get her to the hospital 'fore she bleeds out."

Happy nodded, carrying her towards the van, thankful someone had thought to bring it. He climbed in, holding her on his lap. "You're okay, kid. Just breathe," he said, leaning over to kiss her forehead. He could feel the warmth of her blood as it soaked through his pants and knew whatever was going on with her wasn't good. "Stay with me, kid. Please."

She grabbed for his hand, squeezing it tightly as tears leaked from her eyes. There was something she wanted to say, and he knew she wouldn't stop trying until she got it out. He leaned in closer to her, putting his ear closer to her lips. " 'm pregnant," she wheezed, her dark eyes filled with fear as he pulled away.

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