Ch. 22 Questions

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This was originally one long, half-written chapter, but I'm splitting it into two so I can update faster and finish the second part the way I want to! :) Sorry to keep y'all hanging! Thank you so much for all of you patience!!! <3 Y'all are the best!! 

 Note: I'm not a doctor, so if the medical stuff doesn't make sense, I'm sorry. I researched as much as I could, so I'm hoping it comes off making some kind of sense!


Chloe's hands hovered over the parallel bars as she took a step forward, moving slower than she would've liked as she struggled to walk without the bars to aid her. Her back was on fire, but she was determined to walk. Her doctor had been shocked when she'd wanted to get out of bed and on her feet the day after her back surgery. Shocked when four weeks later she was able to walk a few steps unassisted. Now, six weeks later, she was still stuck in her brace but walking with minimal aid. She was pushing herself. Probably a lot harder than she should've been, something she was reminded of by the way her brace was digging into her skin as she moved the wrong way.

"Take your time, Chloe. Hold the bars if you need to," her physical therapist said, her blue eyes concerned as she looked her over. "You'll only hurt yourself more if you fall."

Angela rolled her eyes from her seat next to the doctor; something the doctor couldn't see, but it made Chloe feel a lot better. Her best friend had been at her side for every step of her recovery, cheering her on. At eighteen weeks pregnant, Angela's belly was round and bigger than it had been with Evie at this time, but it was still manageable; she still acted as though she wasn't pregnant. "You got this, Chlo."

Chloe couldn't take it though; the pain was overwhelming. She grabbed onto the bars and hung her head in defeat. "Shit," she breathed, gripping the bar as hard as she could.

"Why don't you sit down, Chloe. Rest," the physical therapist urged, a concerned look on her face. Chloe glanced at Angela who looked worried, one hand rubbing over her belly. She knew her friend wouldn't tell her to stop, but the fact she wasn't encouraging her meant Angela was worried too. Sighing, she let the physical therapist help her back into the chair beside her friend. The therapist gave her an encouraging smile. "You're doing great. You'll be back on your feet with no walker in no time."

Chloe frowned, she knew she was making great progress, but it wasn't fast enough. She wanted to go back to work, back to feeling useful. The therapist stepped out, going to get some other torture device, no doubt. Chloe waited until she was gone before sighing. "This sucks," she muttered, looking over at Angela who nodded in agreement. She smacked Angela's arm. "Distract me. How's my goddaughter?"

Angela smirked, contemplating her request for a moment. "She's good. Oblivious just like her dad. She hasn't said a word about this big ole belly I got yet."

"You still haven't told her about the babies? You're like halfway done!"

She held up her hands and nodded. "I know, I know! I don't know how to do it! She's barely three years old! How the hell do I explain the concept of how I got not just one but two babies inside of me?"

"You mean you don't want to tell her about all the sex you and Juice have had in the most inappropriate places?" she teased with a grin.

Angela scowled at her. "I dunno what you're talkin' about," she said, playing dumb.

"Where was Evie made?"

"At our house here in Charming, after Juice got back from prison," she said on a shrug. "Not weird at all."

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