Ch. 13 Useless

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"Charlie Lin," Juice stated, putting his computer on the small table in front of Happy and Marcus. Lino, Raffa, Tig, and Quinn all leaned in to see what he was showing them. No other Sons were invited to their little meeting. President or not, Juice refused to have anything to do with Chibs. He was only helping the Sons because he loved Chloe and Dia and wanted them home safely. Fortunately, Happy respected that and kept the Scot far, far away.

"Lin's brother?" Happy asked, narrowing his eyes as he studied him.

"Sister," he corrected, smirking to himself as he remembered how cocky his wife had been about getting it right. "Charlotte Lin. She's been running heroin around SoCal and in and out of Lompoc for years. Also in charge of moving guns down there. No one's ever seen her. Goes by Charlie so everyone she works with thinks she's a man. Her and Henry worked together under their Uncle who ran the rest of Cali. Now, with him and Lin gone..."

"She could run the whole damn state by herself," Lino put in with a frown. "Holy shit, man. You think she's the one doin' all this?"

Juice nodded emphatically. "Dunno who else it could be. She's power hungry, smart. Knows the value of family 'n' that people will do anythin' for 'em. I mean, she must've gotten the Niners on her side or somethin' to boost numbers, but I got a feelin' its her. Gonna do some more digging. See if Henry had any more property in his name here in the Bay. Somewhere she'd be holding the girls."

Marcus nodded, standing up from the table slowly. "Good job, mijo. Keep on it," he said, giving Juice's shoulder a squeeze. "Heard our girl's gettin' out of here today."

He glanced at Happy, noticing the way his jaw ticked at Alvarez calling Angela 'their' girl. He wasn't about to touch that argument with a ten foot pole though. If Hap wanted to fight Alvarez's claim on Angela, he was welcome to, but from what Juice knew of Marcus and Angela's relationship, the Mayan President had a right to call Angela his girl. Clearing his throat, he scratched at the back of his neck. "Yeah, she uh...they're doin' tests now, then they'll remove the tube, 'n' then I'll meet up with her for an ultra sound. See our new additions."

Tig, Quinn, and Lino all cheered with excitement. Tig ruffling his hair lovingly. "Atta boy, Juicy. Make more of those pretty babies!"

Juice ducked away from Tig, slapping his hand away. He couldn't help but smile at the praise he was getting from his former brothers and the Mayans. It lifted his spirits a bit, made him feel just a little safer. They wouldn't joke around with him if they were going to kill him. "Yeah. 'm just happy she's alive."

"We all are," Marcus agreed on a nod. "Once she gets out, I'll have a few of our guys follow you to my place and post them there. Lino will stay with you. Place will be surrounded."

"She's ain't goin' anywhere," Happy said, standing from the table. "Stayin' right here. We got 'em."

"Your numbers are down. You don't got the manpower to spare to watch out for them, " the Mayan President shot back with his eyebrows raised. "We got the Stockton Charter and some brothers up from the border to protect them. Most of our families are takin' a vacation outta state to stay safe, so we don't gotta worry about 'em. They will be our sole focus. That something you can do?"

Happy stood taller, puffing out his chest a bit. "She'll be safe at the clubhouse. We got it locked down."

"Might be best if ya'll just get outta here. Go back to Texas, to be honest," Lino suggested, glancing in between them before nodding to Juice. "What you thinkin', Tonto?"

Juice grimaced at the nickname but was thankful someone thought to ask him. He thought about the best way to answer the question without pissing Happy off even more. "Can't go back. Angel came here for Lena 'n' there's no way in hell she'll leave now. Not until we get the girls back. As for where we're stayin'...I don't want my family anywhere near the clubhouse, Hap. Not after the hell that club put us through. Neither of us would feel safe there," he said before quickly adding, "Not sayin' we wouldn't be, I'm sayin' it wouldn't feel like it, and she don't need that kind of stress."

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