Ch. 19 Darkness

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There were six fluorescent beams of light hanging from the ceiling with three fans spinning slowly between them, six broken glasses by the bar, and black and white checkered tile with ten black and ten white checks per bigger square of tile. Chloe knew all this because it was all she'd been focusing on for what felt like hours. Every so often she heard a gruff chuckle or cough from the men sitting in the balcony. The smell of weed wafted down from their location, the smoke making the light around her strangely hazy. She was okay with that, though. Let them get high out of their minds. So high that when someone finally came from her, they were too stoned to react as fast as they needed to. She tilted her head back, staring up at the fans again, focusing on their humming to drown out her thoughts.

A higher pitched humming joined them, whirring around for a moment, a blur of white passing in front of her eyes. She raised an eyebrow, blinking quickly; she had to be seeing things now. Maybe it was the dehydration finally settling in. She couldn't remember the last time she'd been offered water. She heard it again, whizzing about her head. It was a drone, she realized after a moment. A drone that was flying around lightning fast almost as if to scope out the layout of the place. It stayed mostly in the shadows, trying to keep out of sight, whoever was operating it was ballsy since that was exactly where Lin's henchmen were hiding. She almost wondered if it was one of them playing with the drone.

"You see that shit?" a voice asked from the shadows. "That ours?"

"Yo, anyone got a drone?" asked another. After the resounding sound of 'no' rung out around the room, a loud shot went off.

Chloe felt it zing by her, stinging her arm as it grazed her. She hissed in pain, gritting her teeth together to keep from crying out. "Idiot," someone said, voicing her own thoughts. "We're not s'posed to hurt her!"

Another shot went off, this time actually hitting the drone and sending it to the ground in the corner farthest away from her. The men left their stations to check out the fallen drone, at least five of them hovering around it for a moment. And then it went off. A loud blast, knocking them all back on their asses. Chloe felt the heat of it on her face, felt the sting of shrapnel on her bare arms and legs, but she couldn't help but smile; it looked like the Sons had stepped up their warfare technology. All was quiet for a moment before the shots started. Quiet at first, dampened by silencers, she was willing to bet, and then loud. Doors slamming open and closed, men stampeding inside with their guns drawn.

Bullets flew by her left and right making her realize that sitting up, she was too big of a target. She kicked her feet against the restraints, moving her shoulders at the same time. The movement earned her the desired effect and her shoulder hit the ground with a loud smack. She groaned at the pain of it, but if it kept her from getting shot, she was all for it. Closing her eyes tightly, she prayed to be saved, prayed the good guys would win this time. Even if the good guys were outlaw bikers.

She felt his presence before his calloused hands found her wrists. "Hap," she breathed, feeling a hot tear slide down her face.

"I got you, Braun," Happy assured her, cutting the ties from her wrists and legs. "Can you stand?"

She wasn't sure, but she tried. Her legs trembled for a moment, and she stumbled. "Shit," she cursed, ducking down with him to keep lower to the ground.

He shoved a gun in her hand. "Watch my back," he said, grunting as he lifted her onto his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

Chloe nodded, holding the gun tightly in her hand. Gunfire came from a corner nearby, whizzing past them, and she aimed in the general direction, squeezing off a few shots the way Happy had taught her to. It was too dark to see if she'd hit anything, but the shooting stopped. Looking over her shoulder, she could see the doorway, feel the cool breeze on her face. And then another barrage of bullets came through. She felt one slice through her shoulder and gasped in pain. "Fuck!"

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