02 | The One With The New Job

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-S H R E E    P R A S A D-

"Hello!" he greets ceremoniously as he extends a hand towards me. I smile nervously as we shake hands. "Madhav Ramakrishna. Your new boss!"

"Shree Prasad," I manage to say, trying not to look like a stammering seagull with a sore throat; and avoiding that murderous pair of black eyes. I feel my knees start to wobble. I want to run back home and shut myself inside my bedroom. God! Why does this have to be so awkward? "Your new secretary!"

I notice we are holding each other's hands, I pull mine away and clutch onto the report I just made. He straightens and looks at Mr. RK. "I'd like to speak with Ms. Prasad for a moment," He declares and turns back to me. "In private."

"I'll meet you later then!" RK replies and walks away with Leila.

I notice Madhav Sir still hasn't taken his eyes off me. I try not to meet his gaze so I look away. I can feel his gaze on me.

"Shall we?" he offers after a moment ushering me inside his office room. I walk in, clutching the report to my chest. He follows. I can hear the sound of his shoes on the marbled floor. He closes the door. I freeze on the spot. I gulp, and tighten my hold on the report as I wipe the sweat on my forehead and temples with my palm. He walks towards me. I can hear it. I can feel it.

"Why are you standing?" he asks as he keeps his hand on my arm, and I feel my spine crack into a million pieces. "Take a seat!" he says as he keeps a hand on the blue sofa as taking the AC remote to his hand.

"It's alright sir!" I say.

He switches on the AC. "Sit down, Ms. Prasad!" He sounds very annoyed. I sit immediately.

The cold air from the AC manages to bite its way through my skin. He turns to me and looks at me. "You look petrified as if you've seen a ghost," he addresses as he walks towards me. "Where was the audacious young woman who squared me left, right and center, this morning?"

"I-I-I didn't mean to do that sir." I say looking at my fingernails. I'm stammering. "I-I-I am so sorry. I shouldn't have- I didn't know-"

"It's alright Ms. Prasad!" he says as he sits down beside me, stretching his long legs and keeping them on the coffee table.

"Do you know something? Thanks to you, my latest Audi that you damaged, this morning got towed away for illegal parking infront of the Church. I had to go to the Magistrate to clear the charges held against me. I even had to wait until my turn in a room that didn't have a fucking table fan! I would have almost lost my driving license hadn't I offered the officers a handsome amount of money to let me walk away. Despite all this, instead of getting you sacked I decided to keep you because I admire you for your audacity. I'll retain you if you promise to never change this attitude."

I look at him surprised. "Really?"

"Yes, Ms. Prasad, but I'll have to fire you if you do something stupid and impulsive like hurling a stone at me or my belongings," he says as he looks at me. I sit up straight, straightening the folds of my shirt. "You truly are a gutsy woman! I admire women who foster such great amounts of fortitude and audacity."

A slow blush creeps through my cheeks, I can feel it. My lips crack into a smile. I don't think anyone has said this to me before.

Amma should have been here to hear this. She would have been stunned had she heard this. She always says there will come a day where I'll get into trouble for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.

"But I am not pleased with one particular thing you mentioned." he said, standing up with ease. "What do you rich people know about our sentiment and emotions when money is everything?"

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