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FSS Fuchai, Sol Federation
Nation/Alliance: Sol Federation (Human)
Captain: Qarin Shinn
Class: Defensive Flagship (Military)
Built: Construction began 2994CE
Operational: 3001CE
Length: 1729 meters
Max. Population: 49, 000 humanoid
Non-Humanoid Accomodation: none
Floor Area: 612,345 square meters
Deck/floor count: 57 mixed use, 40 maintenance and restricted access, 13 docking and/or shuttle bays
Plumbing: 1.7 million liters water circulated daily
Transportation: 112 podlifts

"Several hours ago we intercepted a general distress call on long range comms." General Qarin Shinn stood as she addressed the Sol Federation Defense Assembly. Several dozen captains, advisers, and academics were gathered in the mission ready room of the Federation Star Ship Fuchai, the Sol Federation's defensive flagship. The assembly sat along five concentric circles of seats, ascending towards the outer edges of the room like a coliseum. Most seats were filled, a few occupied by holographic avatars of distant participants. A large black sphere rested in the center: a holo-display, presently blank, beside which the General stood. Above the assembly, a clear ceiling gave an unobstructed view of Venus, the milky white and green marble the FSS Fuchai orbitted.

General Shinn stood with a stony face and chin high. She spoke commandingly, and though physically small, her posture and presence exuded strength."The signals originated from the Clarion mining colony in Caldwell 57." The holo-display lit up with an image of the distant star system as Shinn spoke. "The colony was completely destroyed in an attack by an invasion fleet of unknown origin. They had a population of nearly three thousand. As far as we can tell, there were no more than a few hundred survivors: some colonists who were operating starships in the area were able to escape, and evidently a few ground crews survived the initial attack. This data -" Shinn motioned to the holo-display "- was transmitted by colony ships leaving the area." The display projected the alien invasion force. An ethereal fleet of holographic vessels hung in the air before the eyes of the Defense Assembly. "The survivors on the ground have requested assistance," Shinn continued, "and those who escaped have asked for an escort out of the region. The most critical question at the moment is the identity of the attackers. Naturally there has been some speculation that they are an alien species. However, it appears that they are in fact human. Visiting Professor Martinez will explain."

An older woman stood up from the outermost ring. Her orange uniform indicated an academic, non-military role. "Angela Martinez," she introduced herself, "professor of history. Yes, it's my belief that we're dealing with humans: descendants of an extremist religious cult known as 'Jehovah's Catechumen', who left the Earth over eight centuries ago. These people believed they were commanded by their god to head to the stars. They were a small group, not much more than a thousand, who constructed a colony vessel, called the Messiah, for a leap of faith -so to speak. That was the last we heard from them, until the attack on Clarion." Professor Martinez looked towards the holo-display. "Take note of the shape of the attack ships -" she motioned towards the holographic attack vessels floating above the assembly "- their architecture is styled after the historically prominent Christian religious icon, the cross. But even more decisive is this -" Martinez tapped a control panel, and the armada of holographic vessels was replaced by a single, cross-shaped starship "- this is the Messiah: the very same vessel used by the Catechumen to leave our star system eight hundred years ago. It was spotted among the invasion ships on Clarion."

"Thank you Professor Martinez." General Shinn deactivated the projector, and Professor Martinez returned to her seat. "So we know they're human. But there is a lot we don't yet know. Our job here today is to complete a full tactical assessment and, ultimately, decide on an appropriate response."

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