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Someone's In My Head (WATTYS AWARD WINNER 2015) by StevenSteel
Someone's In My Head (WATTYS Steven Steel
BOOK ONE OF THE WICKERNHAM TRILOGY - WATTYS AWARD WINNER - - #1 IN SCIENCE FICTION - After a close brush with death, Jarod ends up in a hospital, traumatized but...
SciFi Competitions and Challenges by ScienceFiction
SciFi Competitions and Challengesby ScienceFiction | Ambassadors
SciFi short fiction competitions as run by the official Wattpad SciFi profile. Fancy writing some Science Fiction, this collection contains a series of prompts that can...
Keeper of the Sleeping Minds by jinnis
Keeper of the Sleeping Mindsby Jinn Tiole
The only solution to save humanity is to leave plague-ridden Earth for good. But can a plan born out of desperation bring back the lost innocence of the human community?
Angels and Wormholes by David_Shultz
Angels and Wormholesby David Shultz
A star-faring religious cult has created an army of robotic zealots designed to follow holy scripture. As the robotic menace spreads across the galaxy, it takes prisoner...
Ash and Dust by jule009
Ash and Dustby Julia E.
Their world: Dead Their goal: Survival Their destination: ...unknown After years surviving on a dying Earth, the last remnants of humanity are finally forced to escape i...
Fast-Tracked And Other Stories by stevopen
Fast-Tracked And Other Storiesby Stevo
A collection of short stories and flash fiction entered into Wattpad competitions and challenges. Namely "Sci-Fi Competitions and Challenges", "MicroBytes...
Cotton Candy Crossover (Despicable Me/Naruto) by yemihikari
Cotton Candy Crossover ( Yemi Hikari
Margo, Edith and Agnes accidently open up a portal and find themselves in the world of Naruto. Disclaimer - I don't own Despicable Me or Naruto. This is written for Sc...
The Iron Man [Serial] by KaranSeraph
The Iron Man [Serial]by Karan Seraph
Alternate History Steampunk Fashion Dystopia Science Romance --- Julien is a regulation-compliant young presser at the local dhobitorium, and the best Londoni iron...
A Quantum Mishap by HeroesDecision
A Quantum Mishapby Samuel Johnson
In 2035, when humanity has just created the first sentient AI, it's a pretty big deal. Celebrations are breaking out all over the place and a memorial towards the devel...
SciFi Files by sstrawberryco
SciFi Filesby Elio
This is a collection of short, eerie, and sometimes entertaining (we hope) scifi stories! From Anyly's society, fleeing into space from a sickened Earth to the nuclear-w...
Yamiji Ouketsu (Naruto Fanfic) by yemihikari
Yamiji Ouketsu (Naruto Fanfic)by Yemi Hikari
Gaara finds himself trapped by a 'monster' that he knows, but doesn't know. Disclaimer - I don't own Naruto. Written for the #scifriday challenge #19 where "the i...
Data Plant (Digimon Fanfic) by yemihikari
Data Plant (Digimon Fanfic)by Yemi Hikari
Tai tries going about his day to day life, but finds a past he can't remember coming back to haunt him when a good friend's mother is sent strange plant food instead of...
Fault by jule009
Faultby Julia E.
-Short Story- Power is weakness. Weakness is power.
Strangers by SJBass
Strangersby SJ Bass
A tiny story about the end of humanity in the future.
In the Shadow of Jupiter- Europa: 2276 by WillFlyForFood
In the Shadow of Jupiter- J.C. Gunn
This is a short story placed in the "Universe" of Earthrise: 2176. It takes place one hundred years after the main events of Earthrise and follows Lars Mittal...
Every Science Fiction by SN_Angel
Every Science Fictionby SN_Angel
The reason of future developments with an invention by a single thought is a scientific development. This book consist of my Science Fiction competition stories and othe...
Join Us! by hardymilts
Join Us!by Hardy Milts
My entry to #scifriday 14 - 'Breadcrumbs - follow me' - in 2,000 characters.
Earth Lost (Planet X: Book 1) by Sparkee0213
Earth Lost (Planet X: Book 1)by Paul Best
When the Earth is hit with multiple catastrophes in 2178, the nations of the world will have to look upward to the heavens and venture into the final frontier. What will...
Prelude by ErikaIriss
Preludeby ErikaIriss
The prelude of electric guitars sound in the speakers when I touch down on the white ground. The ship hangs above the smooth surface, drawn in by this strange gravity, a...
SciFi Challenge 28 Entry by TebogoPM
SciFi Challenge 28 Entryby Tebogo (Tebz)
Timothy has been looking for love, and decided to join a website which pairs people on blind dates. Timothy has not been on a date in over ten years, so he looks forward...