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FSS Excalibur, Sol Federation

Nation/Alliance: Sol Federation (Human)
Captain: Rolland Barron
Class: Sabre Class Long Range Defense (Military)
Operational: 3013 CE
Length: 90 meters
Max. Population: 35 humanoid
Non-Humanoid Accomodation: 1 variable environment mixed use deck
Floor Area: 1350 square meters
Deck/floor count: 4 mixed use, 8 maintenance and restricted access, 1 docking/shuttle bays, 1 variable

 "Captain Barron," Irfan Levy stood and bowed slightly towards Rolland, "it will be a privilege to serve on board the Excalibur." Rolland's office on the Excalibur was sparse. There was a desk and command console, two chairs, and a single potted plant.

Rolland nodded to Levy. "I suppose you'd like to know why I requested your assignment."

"I must admit I am a little surprised."

"Your powers didn't give you a heads up?" Rolland grinned.

"It's just that I was under the impression that you didn't appreciate the value of my ability."

"That's one way of putting it. To be frank, I don't believe you have any ability -I don't believe in 'magic'".

"Captain, 'Magic' is just a word used to described powers that are not well understood."

"I am not convinced you have powers, then, of any sort. I don't mean to offend you, but there isn't really a polite way to say this -I don't think the Viziers should have a place in the Federation."

"No offense taken. I'm used to skeptics -it's a common attitude."

"Shouldn't you take that as a clue?"

"A clue?"

"That maybe you've devoted your life to a sham?"

"I understand their attitude. If everyone was blind, it might be hard for them to believe in the colours of a sunrise."

"Blind to what? Of all your visions, I haven't yet seen anything that needs an explanation. It's either too vague to be useful or too obvious to be valuable."

Levy's face tightened and he turned slightly, looking past Rolland. "Perhaps you should tell me now why you requested my assignment."

"I don't plan on being just another Captain," Rolland began slowly pacing the room, "I am going to make a difference. I am going to change the way things are done around here. There's that saying, 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer'."

"I have served the Federation faithfully my entire life. To imply that I am an enemy -that is offensive."

"I don't mean 'enemy'. But maybe a liability. I don't believe in magic, and that means the Viziers are either deluded, or they're charlatans. In either case, it's a danger to have them serving the Federation."

"Unless you are mistaken about magic."

"Well, this mission is your opportunity to prove me wrong."

"Our mission is as an envoy to the Catechumen."

"That is our ship's mission. But your mission, is to provide proof of your 'powers'. In case I am not being clear, I am ordering you to provide proof -decisive proof- of your ability. If you fail, I will report it as a violation of a direct order."

"I'm afraid that magic doesn't always bend the way we want it to. It may not be possible to satisfy your requirement at a whim."

"You have the duration of our mission. Several months at least. Surely that's enough time?"

"Perhaps, perhaps not."

 "Of course." Of course you would say something like that. "Well then perhaps you should get to work?"

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