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Angels and Wormholes by David_Shultz
Angels and Wormholesby David Shultz
A star-faring religious cult has created an army of robotic zealots designed to follow holy scripture. As the robotic menace spreads across the galaxy, it takes prisoner...
  • novel
  • extraterrestrials
  • wattys2014
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Iff: The Extraterrestrial Tourist by dcostavidal
Iff: The Extraterrestrial Touristby Vidal D'costa
It's 2030. Iff Galirey Zoonknimbus from Galerion falls through the membranous wall separating Earth from space and is now on the run from scientists and FBI officials. S...
  • future
  • space
  • earth
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pale in comparison by infinitelytired
pale in comparisonby Aurelio Turner
​​In which humanity has been visited by extraterrestrial beings who have hair and skin as white as snow.​​ The year is 3290. Humanity hasn't advanced since the year 2023...
  • pale
  • extraterestrial
  • lost
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Reset by identify_yoursmelf
Resetby Abi
Player 154 - she's been all over the universe, different people, different lives... She remembers her past lives. She can't really die - she just resets. The game master...
  • science-fantasy
  • sciencefiction
  • space
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The Ninth Planet by Atharvaavenger
The Ninth Planetby Atharva_Umbre
In this book , different theories regarding aliens will be presented with the help of short fiction stories . Some of the theories would be the well known ones , while...
  • mystery
  • planets
  • extraterrestrial
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Siempre Contigo by LupiitaOliivares
Siempre Contigoby Lu
Gabriella al llevar a su sobrina a una clínica especial para chicos mágicos, se encuentra con el gran amor de su vida, tiene que enfrentar muchas dificultades y malos pe...
  • magia
  • otros
  • amor
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Blue Lungs by XylusWinters
Blue Lungsby Xylus Dune Winters
Through the terror and torment of alien reign, hero's were born. They are of all shapes and sizes, but that does not separate them. Millie Mead's life crumbled before he...
  • wattys2018
  • anarchy
  • village
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Salary Man On A Mission - 2nd encounter most tiresome by WilloStars
Salary Man On A Mission - 2nd enco...by Will'o'Stars
Donovan faces yet another oddity who finds him far from boring; an outsider, on the inside. Does he even have the energy for another round of alien craziness? We pick up...
  • mystery
  • missunderstanding
  • troll
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One Night by nevernotshipit
One Nightby nevernotshipit
Super short story, less than a page, actually. Hard to describe something that short, extraterrestrial I guess? You'd have to read it man, idk.
  • aliens
  • shortstory
  • beginnershortstory
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Lenguas De Gato by OzniVictalManrique
Lenguas De Gatoby Ozni Victal Manrique
1: Escribir lo que sucede sin pausas. 2: Relatar desde diferentes puntos de vista. 3: Descubrir que rayos es el amor. 4: Escapar si es necesario. 5: Detener la simulació...
  • simbolos
  • amorjuvenil
  • escape
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Lo que nadie nos contó by NCTzen-21
Lo que nadie nos contóby NCTzen
¿Y si lo que nosotros conocemos no es realmente lo que creemos? ¿Y si el ser humano es el experimento de una raza superior a la nuestra? Esas preguntas solían ser las qu...
  • extraterrestres
  • conspiraciones
  • sobrenatural
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Lo que trajo la Cigüeña by CriaturasLiterarias
Lo que trajo la Cigüeñaby Augusto Andra
Un futuro tecnológico donde la medicina lumínica ha desarrollado un sistema reproductivo eficaz; las mujeres no tienen la necesidad de quedar embarazas, y junto con el A...
  • suspenso
  • embarazo
  • comedia
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Et si on sauvait le monde? by MaPuce85
Et si on sauvait le monde?by Angélique
Que feriez-vous si vous appreniez que la totalité de l'espèce humaine a été capturé par des extraterrestres ? La totalité de l'humanité sauf vous. Vous vous cacheriez...
  • amour
  • aventure
  • extraterrestres
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Cosmic Story Rays by nora_anne
Cosmic Story Raysby Nora Bailey
A flash fiction collection of science fiction stories. New story published every Saturday!
  • space
  • aliens
  • flashfiction
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extraterrestres by GabiMortem
extraterrestresby Gabi Mortem
Entre diferentes sinapsis
  • entrediferentessinapsis
  • gabimortem
  • extraterrestres
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Supervivientes by AlmaKarma7
Supervivientesby AlmaKarmaSeptimoUniverso
Este fic narra la historia de un grupo de tres amigos que le ocurren cosas realmente extrañas, hasta que descubren que cada uno esconde dentro de él algo maravilloso o a...
  • kaio
  • ki
  • destruccion
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Estrella aj976 by janbiel12
Estrella aj976by janbiel12
Es el año 3047, la raza humana abandonó el planeta que habitaba y estando en búsqueda de nuevas "estrellas" para ir a vivir, encontraron una muy particular, y...
  • extraterrestre
  • alien
  • estrella
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