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That's how they went on for a few months, never fully kissing. Just small touches on the hips and kisses to the head. Cuddles most nights when they weren't busy with Shiros youtube and being a little more cosy with eachother around others. Being in eachother photos a little more too, nearing their one and half year mark of meeting, which was kinda big for Keith but Shiro didn't know that.

"That photo's so cheesy," Keith exhaled lightly as Shiro joined him on the sofa one night, just after they'd finished a pizza with Allura and Hunk, while Pidge was eating their own meal. Pidge shrugged gently and looked at the two before Allura sighed additionally,

"All your photos are cheesy, honestly," She smiled drinking her drink, shiro just pouted at her before looking at the exact photo and smiling

"oh I like that one you downer, we had a coffee date," shiro shook his head in mock disgust and drank down his glass of squash leaving Keith blushing and leaning his head on his shoulder. Shiro just followed suit and let his hand rest on Keith's shoulder as the group mostly turned their attention to the film.

"Are you.. official like? I don't want to get the wrong idea here,"Hunk sighed and Keith floundered a little, thinking of an answer just as the bell rang on the apartment. Shiro stood to answer it, as Keith just had to answer 'unknown' . Shiro came back through with a forlorn Lance.

"It didn't work out," Lance exclaimed, he'd been on a date that evening - again.

"I'm sure one day it'll work out," Shiro shrugged and smiled gently. Sadly though Lance sat in Shiros space, as keith comforted him. Keith didn't realise this, and eventually the evening was as usual. Though Lance had moved to sit with Allura and push her buttons. Allowing Shiro to sit with keith again.

As that evening drew to a close, Lance and hunk were staying in Keith's room, as it was barely used anyway. Lance made do with his own shirt and boxers for pjs as did hunk.

"Keith." Shiro approached his roommate, just as Keith was standing going to go to bed. Keith didn't realise what effect wearing Shiros shirt had on him, but honestly they were so fucking comfy. "Can you help tidy?"

"Of course sir" Keith nodded and smiled ever so gently, walking with Shiro. As they tidied they spoke as usual. Just general speaking. Keith was hovering by the sofa, and eventually sat down. Running his hands through his mullet he looked up as Shiro came to sit. Immediately he had two arm around his waist, both large and one that still felt strange surprisingly. "You know we can cuddle in bed?" Keith whispered and Shiro shrugged.

"What are we keithinator?" Shiro asked quietly and exhaled, lifting his head with his arms still firmly around his waist, and Keith's arms slowly finding their way around his shoulders. "Hunk made me wonder " keith was thinking about it too.

"I love you," keith said quietly, like it was the last thing he'd say before being axed. "Is that okay? And I mean it as in/ I genuinely like you. You're so much more then I'd ever imagined and so much more to me then a person. I really really love you," keith had to reason with him, with himself mostly. "Moving in, kissing you twice, being with you- this has been the best time of my life, my best moments are you and-"

Keith was cut off, with their third ever kiss. Shiro had to shut him up but keith could feel him smiling against his lips. Their kiss short but sweet left keith flustered as expected. "I- I love you too." Shiro nodded as his thumb worked circles into Keith's side. "I've never felt this way before," he admitted quietly. And thus commenced their fifth kiss, a sweet connection, where they both dared to go further with the kiss. Both felt like they needed to and they should. Soon small breaths became quick pants, and innocent kisses became deep connections. Their make out session, ultimately ending with keith straddling Shiros lap slightly, his hands on his jaw and thumbs on his cheeks. And Shiros hands on his thigh and on his back. Their make out session ending because the lounge light was switched on and Lance was stood scowling.

"Shiro, for Keith's benefit I've watched a few of your videos and I know you have a perfectly good bed- please may you both move to it," Lance nodded and walked passed them to the kitchen. Keith could feel he was blushing , and could feel the sweat pricking his skin slightly . He looked at Shiro who was smiling so much.

"You really get flustered," Shiro whispered quietly and keith rolled his eyes to hide his face in Shiros shoulder. "What are we?"

"Lovers," keith mumbled muffled into his neck "be mine." He asked and lifted his head a little "be mine and only~"

"No contest," Shiro shrugged and with one more kiss, slowly managed to stand up and walk to the bedroom, carrying keith along so they could both sleep.

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